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Making money from soccer – An option for non players and non

by Martinskrtel

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Soccer, also called football in some countries, is the most popular of all team sports in the world. This is well attested to by the fanatical following that soccer has attracted in many countries. Soccer is undeniably a cash-laden sport; players earn colossal salaries while their teams make fortunes from ticket sales and television rights.

 Is it possible for anyone who is not a soccer player, a coach or a team owner to tap into this gravy train? Well, such an avenue exists and it is called franchising. Franchising is a potentially lucrative method through which anyone can make money from soccer without getting directly involved in the sport. The first thing one has to do though is to get a franchise business opportunity that is related to soccer.

 Such a franchise business opportunity can be obtained in a couple of ways. An entrepreneur can get into a business arrangement with companies that manufacture soccer supplies including balls, jerseys, and boots, among other items. One can also secure a franchise business opportunity with companies that offer soccer coaching programs for children or firms that sell soccer tickets and other merchandize in stadiums or over the internet. The important thing is for the entrepreneur to identify a niche that he/she is most comfortable in and then get an established company to partner with. For instance, if the entrepreneur is interested in selling children’s clothes, he can secure a kids wear franchise from a manufacturer of branded sports goods.

 In such a business venture a relationship is created between the entrepreneur, also called the franchisee, and the parent company, also called the franchisor. The franchisee will benefit from the franchise business opportunity in a couple of ways. To start with, the franchisee will be basing his/her business on a proven idea. There are probably other franchisees with a kids wear franchise in other locations and so it will be possible to assess how successful the idea of marketing children’s soccer wear can be.

 Secondly, by running a kids wear franchise one will be dealing in products that have recognized brand names and trademarks. The franchisee will also not need to market the clothes to soccer-loving kids and their parents because the manufacturing company already does so. The kids wear franchise entrepreneur will also benefit from the marketing and exposure that the brand receives at soccer games and in TV and print advertising without spending any money of his own. The franchisor will also offer continuous support to the franchisee and who will most probably be allocated an exclusive business territory. It is also a fact that raising capital to start/buy a proven franchise business is generally easier.

 In conclusion, one need not be a soccer player to make money from this popular sport.

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