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With a resume, appearance is everything

by SamuelLanghorne

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The resume is the first point of contact between the job applicant and the potential employer, according to Tim Nelson MAP Houston. Whether or not you get past the initial screening depends on your resume. Typically, employers receive dozens of resumes for each job opening. The recruiter must then peruse a large number of resumes, characteristically spending only a few seconds on each resume, so as to identify several applicants who will be interviewed for the job position.


If you are applying for a job it is imperative that your resume grabs the recruiter's attention at the short-listing stage otherwise you won’t stand a chance of proceeding to the interview. At the short-listing stage the recruiter does not delve deeply into each resume because of their high quantity and so even if you were the most qualified candidate but your resume does not get shortlisted you still miss the job. The truth, as Tim Nelson MAP Houstonwarns, is that the most qualified candidate does not always get the job if he or she does not impress at the earliest opportunity.


There are a few simple tips that you can follow to ensure that your resume stands out from the pack and gets you an interview. Number one is to ensure that the resume is neat and concise. This point can hardly be overemphasized because recruiters visually scan each resume and decide whether or not to dump it on the basis of its appearance. Your resume must therefore be neat, organized and uncluttered. Such a resume reflects well on the owner and draws the recruiter's attention. Many recruiters have a bias for aesthetically pleasing resumes and therefore as a job applicant you must invest time and energy to make sure your resume looks good. This you can do with assistance from Tim Nelson MAP Houston.


Secondly, you need to make good use of the top page of your resume. This is obvious because recruiters restrict themselves to the top of the resume during the initial screening. The top of the resume is thus a prime advertising space, a fact that many job seekers don’t realize. As you format your resume therefore, try and put the most pertinent information at the top. For instance, you can outline your career objectives at the top of the resume concisely stating what you want to do for the company so that the recruiter’s attention is immediately drawn to these details. Unfortunately many people squander this opportunity by filling the top page with mundane details and which do not make their resumes stand out.


Naturally, you must be careful with the fonts and colors you use in the resume. In as much as you want to grab the recruiter’s attention you definitely must not overdo it. Keep in mind the kind of employer you are applying to; most employers are conservative and so you need to restrict yourself to conservative fonts and colors. This does not preclude the use of a few unique styles though. You can use different fonts for headings, for instance, to make the resume more appealing to the eye.


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