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Key tips to avoid Mobile Marketing opt-outs

by anonymous

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When developing a mobile marketing system for your business, your most valuable asset is without doubt the database of mobile subscribers you’ve earned. Whether this is an SMS program, email opt ins or even location based subscribers, the ability to push targeted advertising out is invaluable. With that said, this series of articles will look at ways to avoid mobile marketing opt outs.


Start off on the right foot by getting the initial opt-in consent right! What this means, is explicitly gaining the consent of consumers by informing them exactly what they are signing up for. By being completely upfront with your audience, there aren’t any surprises which are going to result in people opting out of your service.


After starting off on the right foot, it’s important to ensure to stay the path. Remember that the first step is gaining explicit consent by informing your consumers exactly what you’re going to be delivering – don’t bait and switch. Too many marketers make the mistake of changing the content, the format, even the frequency of the advertising they initially promised.


Maintaining a consistent frequency for messages will let users become more accustomed to them and less likely to opt out from your programs. Determine a schedule by which you will push your content to users and stick to it. Find a solid middle ground – too frequent and customers are likely to be driven away, whilst too infrequent messages will lead customers to forget about your program ergo decreasing the value of your messages or encouraging opt outs.


By following basic principles, guidelines and best practice dictated both by common sense as well as by law, it’s easy to maintain a consistent and valuable database of customers. For more tips, make sure to look out for other articles in the series.



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