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An Unforgettable Houseboat Tour on the Backwaters of Kerala

by smartsurendra

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The Backwaters refers to a vast connection of inland lakes in Kerala. The
backwaters of Kerala stretch over 1900 kilometres. The backwater supports trade
which plays a major role in the economy of the state. These waterways are the
main link between the villages and the main land. Riceboats floats on these
water carrying rubber, spices and coconuts to various trading centres in

Kerala houseboat packages
offer an incredibly different experience. You can tour the backwaters on a
cruise or a simple country boats and absorb the beauty of the villages. The
most unique way to explore the backwaters in Kerala is through these house
boats, traditionally named as Kettuvalloms.

Situated on the clusters of the Verbena lake there is a beautiful backwater spot known
as Kumarakom. Famous for its backwater destination on the houseboats Kumarakom
is a must see place in Kerala. From a houseboat cruise to the fishing
facilities Kumarakom offers tourists a leisure recreation experience. You can
explore the breathtaking backwater of Kerala on these cruises. Tourist can heir
a houseboat depending on their budget. You can book a traditional Kettuvalloms
or the modified luxury packed Houseboats depending on your choice. A glide on
the emerald backwaters you will have wonderful opportunity to see marvellous
sight of nature as well the villages of Kerala.

For an enchanting experience on the backwaters one should tour on a cruise to
Alleppey. Alleppey is among the key attractions of Kerala. A cruise between
Alleppey and Kottayam possibly will be an unforgettable experience. You can
also take a trip up to Cochin by means of these waterways. If you want a laid
back tour you can take a small luxury cruises arranged by local boat-owners.
You can find yourself travelling along canals where the water level is often
higher than that of the green fields. With luxury boats and great service, a
houseboat tour on the backwaters has gained popularity all around the world.

Aruvikkuzhi waterfalls located almost 2 kilometres from Kumarakom is an interesting tourist
spot.  The water freefalls from an
elevation of about 100 meters is marvellous. The rumbling noise of water is
heavenly, fill up your lungs with fresh air here in Aruvikkuzhi. Rubber
plantation in this region is a turn on. Creating a charm of its own, the
Aruvikkuzhi waterfall is a lovely place to visit during your stay in Kerala.

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary or the Baker’s Estate during the colonial era is another place
to visit. Interested in Ornithology?? This is the right place to be. With a
vast collection of both local and migration species of birds, the sanctuary is
worth a visit. Ducks, owls, heron, moorhen, waterfowl and cuckoo are some of
the local collection and some birds believed to migrate from the Himalayas and
Siberia are the fly catcher, teak and larks. The ideal time for bird watching
is dawn or an early morning walk.

The mystic land of Kerala is a perfect getaway from the hassles of life.  Bestowed the name “God’s own Country”, Kerala
invites thousands of visitors in its bosom. Come to Kerala if you are seeking
for a lifelong experience.


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