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Veneers – A Great Makeover For Your Teeth, Only At Cosmetic

by NewYorkDentists

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Veneers – A Great Makeover For Your Teeth, Only At Cosmetic Dentist Clinic in NYC


In the recent times, there has been increased awareness among Americans for attractive and healthy teeth. It comes as no surprise to find New Yorkers in the league seeking cosmetic dentistry restorations and treatment. A Cosmetic Dentist NYC clinic offers various alternatives for teeth with diseases, flaws and other oral problems. One of the most popular treatments offered by a cosmetic dentist includes those of veneers that provide an individual with a Hollywood star type of makeover.


The section below discusses the various aspects of veneers in details.


  • 1 Dental veneers also known as porcelain veneers are tailored restorative tooth material used to enhance the appearance of the teeth along with countering various types of oral diseases of the teeth.


  • 2 These find its uses in fixing discolored teeth that have resulted due to usage of drugs such as tetracycline. Stained teeth may also result from a prior resin filling or because of a root canal treatment.


  • 3 The other cases in which veneers may be useful include worn, chipped, broken, misaligned and gaped teeth.


  • 4 These are of two types depending on the material used for their construction. The commonly used materials include porcelain and resin composite that have the property of natural light reflection that makes the results look more natural.


  • 5 Veneers act as ideal alternatives as compared to bridges or crowns as they are well tolerated by the tissue of the gum and are resistant to stains that can distort the appearance of the teeth. The patient has to choice of selecting the color and shape of their teeth by choosing the appropriate shade of the veneer.


  • 6 A cosmetic dentist NYC clinic diagnoses the condition of the candidate teeth in order to ensure the necessity of the veneers. In the next step, the dentist prepares of the enamel by shaving a part of it in order to fit the veneer on it.


  • 7 This is followed by taking the impressions and x-rays of the teeth for the dental ceramist in order to construct customized veneers for the teeth. The cosmetic dentist then uses dental cement in order to fix the veneers with the help of a light beam.


  • 8 Veneers may easily last up to years if followed up with proper oral care.



Cosmetic Dentist NYC clinic provides dental restoration and therapy to eliminate the various flaws of the teeth. Visit for further details.

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