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Alsto Heat Ltd - Plumbing and Heating in Cheltenham

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Plumbing and Heating in Cheltenham, Gloucester, Cirencester, Tewkesbury

Alsto Heat Ltd is a family run company who have a highly skilled team which include plumbers, heating engineers and service engineers. We cover Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, Cirencester, Tewkesbury and surrounding areas.

Our plumbers, heating engineers and service engineers have years of experience and are all highly qualified to undertake any domestic and commercial projects.

Boiler Repairs

We are a local family run company established in 1971 who pride ourselves on quality of service/workmanship and responding to our clients needs within minimum timescales. We have built up an extensive client base undertaking works in private dwellings. We can offer a highly skilled team of plumbers, heating engineers and service engineers who are fully trained in the installation and servicing of commercial and domestic, gas/LPG & oil fired systems and plumbers and boiler repairs. It's important to have qualified technicians repairing your boiler hence here at Alsto Heat we an experienced team which are highly trained in boiler repairs.

Central Heating

Here at Alsto Heat Ltd we have years of experience supplying and installing central heating systems for domestic and commercial clients. We can install new central heating systems or repair and maintain your current system. We have a large team of qualified plumbers, service engineers and heating engineers to help with boiler repairs, boiler installations, central heating systems and gas system. The areas we cover are Gloucester, Cheltenham, Cirencester, Tewkesbury and surrounding areas.

Boiler Servicing

What is Boiler Servicing?

Boiler Servicing comprises of testing, cleaning the boiler, checking and fault-spotting, with the main focus in on testing the various functions of the appliances for safe operation. These are the basic principles that all of our highly skilled team use on every job, large or small.

Why is Boiler Servicing so Important?

Boilers may appear to be functioning correctly, but there can be hidden problems that are not obvious. These problems will be exposed by a comprehensive and professional service. One typical scenario would be the system which switches the gas off if the pilot light goes out. If this device is not performing correctly you could easily have gas leaking into your house. This device should be fully examined and tested during the service procedure carried out by Alsto Heating to prevent this from occurring.

How often should servicing be done?

At Alsto Heat we strongly recommend boiler servicing is carried out annually. This is far more important once a boiler is a few years old than when it is new.

Solar Water Heating

Solar water heating, also known as solar thermal, is about using the sun's energy to produce domestic hot water that we use for showers, baths and hot taps. Solar water heating panels should not be confused with photovoltaic (solar electric) panels which produce electricity from sunlight.


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