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A Little Brief About Interlacing Jets & Sucker Gun

by Editor123

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Interlacing Jets:

Interlacing jets are manufactured under strict ISO 9001:2008 certification and are used in the air entanglement of CF and BCF yarn. These jets are loved for their durability and strength. But for that the jets need to make of superior quality material. For that you need to buy the interlacing jets from a certified company. The standard ceramic units from OEM are fragile and break easily unlike those made of steel alloy.

You can save quite a lot of bucks while purchasing these jets, but in that case you need to order them in bulk. If you have a huge manufacturing unit then it’s obvious you will make an order in bulk. So, it is advisable that you do a little research, may be on the Internet, look for a renowned company, check out deals, compare the prices, and then order for the amount you want. You can also make use of online ordering option available these days on websites like

Texturizer Jets:

The Texturizer Jets are used in single step type of extruders that aid in the manufacture of automotive fabrics as well as upholstery. Manufacturing texturizer jets needs a lot of attention and is always manufactured from a specially heat-treated alloy so that you get a long lasting and durable extruder. These jets come with simple mechanism and only few parts and are highly suitable for all kind of couplings. IN most cases there is colored identification available on them for easy usage and the integrated air stop helps it to work better.

Make sure you procure these jets from a manufacturer that carries ISO 9001 certificate. Quality is a thing that cannot be overlooked when it comes to machinery. And, as most of the times these machinery are bought and installed for almost a lifetime or so, thus it becomes very necessary to do a little research about the manufacturers and dealers. Make sure you look for deals if you are buying in bulk. Ordering online can also be great proposition here.

Sucker Gun:

Besides the texturing jets and interlacing jets there are production units with precision engineering capabilities that produce the aspirator gun also called sucker gun. These aspirators are available in a large range of handheld as well as wall mounted aspirators for extrusion such as for BCF and POY, CF and tape yarn, filament and multifilament yarns. The sucker gun that is manufactured locally could be a cheaper solution to the costlier European model that is used today. These guns are used in the spinning of PP and nylon, PET and PE, PEG and PTFE as well as PU, PVP and PVC as well as many other polymers.

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