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The internet can solve any debate or problem

by jimross440

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It’s 8.45pm and Lachlan has just gotten home from a long day trading. Work was, as per usual, a nightmare and now Lachlan is beginning to wonder why he never chose a career as a plumber or some such thing. Sure, working in the finance district has its perks, big money, designer suits, and an apartment overlooking the Thames, nice dinners out and bar tabs at the local. What it doesn’t bring however is girls, or even the time to date girls. As of 8.46pm this evening Lachlan has realised that he hasn’t been on a date with an attractive, good looking, intelligent woman in years. He admits that he was a bit put off after his breakup with Cam, it was the only long term relationship he had even been in and Cam not only turned out to be the worst girlfriend he had ever had, but also was caught cheating on him numerous times. Because of this he admits that he threw himself into this work, however, now might be the right time to try and move on with a little company of the female kind. He remembers that his friend had once dated this girl who was not only gorgeous and fun to be with, but incredibly available. She was a London escort, and not only was she was bubbly and incredibly discreet, but she was gorgeous! His mate took her everywhere, to the pub to meet mates, to the movies, even to a wedding! No one knew, she was brilliant and neither of them let on until he finally came clean to Lachlan while they were out on the town one night. Figuring he has nothing to lose and a nice evening with a gorgeous girl to gain, Lachlan grabs his laptop, searches for London Escort Services and waits for the magic to begin. Before his very eyes there are options thrown up and now is the hard part.

There are so many choices in a city like London, and escort services are the same. The London escort is well known for her class, intelligence, wit and ability to fit in to any situation, and as such the competition between all high end escort agencies is incredibly high. The calibre of girls you have to choose from is baffling, but without too much drama you CAN find the perfect London escort to spend the evening with.

It’s now 9.00pm and Lachlan has just walked into his favourite restaurant. Sophia is sitting with a red rose in her long dark hair and looks better than her pictures suggest. Lachlan knows that tonight is going to be the start of a beautiful relationship with London escorts.

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