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On Selecting Vintage Movie And Art Posters

by Editor123

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There is something very charming and beautiful about the old items. The rush of warm memories that sends you on a nostalgic trip when you see vintage articles such as posters is about the good old days when people were graceful. This is the period when men were dashing and gallant while the ladies were prim and dainty. This is primarily the reason for vintage posters becoming collectors’ items. When you see a vintage movie poster featuring Elvis Kissin Cousins or Jerry Lewis or La Dolce Vita it’s a sentimental trip that will take you back 50 years to another place and another time.

Somehow, the collector from the days gone by saw money in these posters such as a vintage art poster titled Galerie Claude Bernard that was painted in 1971 by Picasso. There was the Group in Nude that was also painted by Picasso in 1991. Similar works of art by potential masters naturally gained in value as the years went by and the painters gained in fame.

These vintage posters were painted by artists for a variety of products. There were therefore posters on liquor and on food as well as entertainment and transportation besides war & military and sports. There were several collections for the vintage movie poster and the vintage art poster too. When these were painted, a number of these were reproduced generally using stone lithography technique. Firstly, these were not produced in sufficiently large numbers and secondly repeats were not attempted since the technique of reproduction did not permit them. The result was that after displaying the posters there were only a few left over for the collector to make a bid for. For these reasons the original vintage posters are fairly expensive. One of the bigger companies possesses about 2500 of these in different topics.

Therefore when you wish to order a vintage movie poster such as Ombres Parisiennes you will note that the beautiful poster was painted by an anonymous artist in 1905 and it’s worth every bit for the amount that you’d have to pay for it. Similarly, La Perle Du Bengale was painted by Ruddy as late as 1965 and is good value for money. A vintage art poster such as 3 Femmes Pres Du Lac by Robbe in 1900, Hiver Winter Scene and Coquillage painted by Robbe also in 1900 are all most attractive as well.

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