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Splendid Attractions and Excellent Hotels in Kanyakumari

by jyothishwebtech

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Kanyakumari is one of the most sought after tourist destination in Tamil Nadu which is very worth to visit and explore. This is a famous beach destination is truly bliss for the vacationers and truly the tourist from all over the entire world easily entice the vacationers for their fun filled and delight full vacation. Astounding Kanyakumari is located on the southern tip of India. This beautiful town is located at the confluence of the three vast oceans namely Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean. The vast expanse of sea and the vivid blue sky and the pleasant climate easily attracts the vacationers throughout the year.

Kanyakumari is a town which is very popular for its Hindu Pilgrimage and this beautiful town is also dubbed as Cape Camorin which is isle lactated at the edge of Indian Peninsula. This beautiful country is dotted with excellent hotels and resorts offering all the entire international facilities and coziness which truly attracts the vacationers.Standard and budget hotels in Kanyakumari are speckled all over the town. But the hotels located near the beaches easily attract the vacationers and mostly the vacationers love to stay in those. The view from the hotels truly is breathtakingly beautiful and you can also feel the cool and purified air from the beaches all the time. The spectrum of tourist attractions and destinations along with beautiful hotels easily make this country a paradise for the tourists. So, contact a leading Kanyakumari tour operator and customize a package and enjoy your dream vacation in the secluded atmosphere.

Some of the prime vacation to explore in Kanyakumari and which truly is very worth to visit and explore are listed below:


Vivekananda Rock Memorial

Vivekananda Rock memorial is a sacred monument and truly is the most sought after tourist attractions in the country and is truly very worth to visit and explore. This is the most interesting places to see in this town of Tamil Nadu. Vivekananda Rock Memorial is splendid fort built on the two rocks that are situated approximately 500 meters off the island. It is said that the great India philosopher Vivekananda meditated here. This beautiful place is also called as land of meditations which is perfect place to view the confluence of three main seas. This beautiful memorial fort is the crowning glory of Kanyakumari tourism which enhances the beauty of this beautiful town.

Some of other attractions to visit and explore here in this beautiful town are as follows as Kanyakumari Temple, Our Lady of Ransom Church, Mahatma Gandhi Memorial, Padmanabhapuram Palace, Vattakottai Fort etc. Truly these beautiful attractions and destinations are sheer wonders and truly are the most beautiful and are very worthy to visit and explore.

Well apart from these the beaches here are very fascinating and are truly are the best in the country which offer the vacationers warm and delightful vacation.  As you visit this place you can book hotel according to your preference and budget along with the tour operator or you simply can book online. Kanyakumari hotels are like home far away from which easily enhance the tourist with world class amenities and services.


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