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Acne Is A Plague For So Many People

by firstworld

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Acne is a plague for so many people, both teens and adults in their 30s or 40s. Acne affects various parts of the human body, but when it appears on the face it triggers the most numerous emotional problems. Social shyness, difficulty communicating and getting integrated have been reported by chronic acne sufferers. Acne lowers self-esteem, it makes one feel unattractive and it gets your self-confidence to the basement.
Acne causes
Numerous causes have been identified for the appearance of acne, however, specialists believe it is usually a combination of more factors that play a role in the development of the skin condition.
GENETIC PREDISPOSITION makes one more susceptible to developing acne. This holds true in case some other family members have suffered from acne.
HORMONAL IMBALANCES like those specific to the adolescence represent a major trigger of acne. Lots of women manage to get rid of acne when the doctor prescribes them oral contraceptives that balance the hormonal secretion. Medical investigations may be required to identify the factors that create the hormonal imbalance so that it may be treated effectively. Thus, the skin looks would get back to normal.
LOW IMMUNITY represents an indirect cause for acne. Above all, acne is an infection of the skin that appears in the pores clogged by impurities. Boosting up the natural defenses of the body helps because that will lead to a more efficient fight against the bacterial infections that go hand in hand with acne.
The INTOXICATION OF THE BODY becomes another major factor for acne. An imbalanced diet that is based on highly processed food and drinks loaded with chemicals puts a lot of pressure on the body. Add the polluted environment we live in, alcohol consume, smoking and the lack of physical exercise, and we get the full picture of just how stressed our bodies are. Under such circumstances the natural cleansing mechanisms of the body are overpowered, and the toxins tend to accumulate in the organs and in the skin. Which leads to a flourishing of skin infections and acne outbursts.
Acne treatments
There are multiple acne treatments available both around the house and in drug stores, but the more important it is to target the cause or causes behind the affection. That's the best way to get rid of acne as soon as possible. Sometimes more than just one treatment should be used in order to get visible results in a shorter period of time.
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