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Varifocal Glasses: View The World In A New Way

by pradaglasses

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Also   called Varifocal lenses, or progressive glasses, Varifocals  has the  options of a pair of bi-focal lenses  while not  the issues  related to the line along the middle. Bifocals are  employed by  people who  has  problem seeing long-distance, but  are also  finding it  difficult to read print or newspaper. People sometimes   realize this  grouping of difficulties as they age, because  the lens  gets looser,  thus while  they may  have experienced  severe myopia as  a teenager, they  currently  want  to appear more  closely at the book or computer screen. Varifocal glasses  provide the wearer the opportunity  to do both at once and  even  prevent the thickness of bifocals.

Bifocals got their bad  fame in the  70s and 80s, because  they were seen as  unappealing and awkward . Lens grinders had  to mix two different  sorts of lens, one enlarging  the space, and the other  enlarging the near space. This means  that they  usually resorted to using thick glass, along with  a heavy frame to support the two lenses. They could  also  cause  issues with sight due to  the line which  joined one lens to the other not being completely ground away. Wearing these glasses for a long time could  become wearing, and many  people  selected to leave them off because of the effort  needed to wear them. Because  bifocals  are so unpopular with  several wearers, they are  being less frequently  prescribed by opticians, who will  often   ask for two pairs of glasses for the  shortsightedness and hyper myopia.

Varifocal glasses are an alternative to the bifocal which  uses  a much thinner lens  to attain the same  results.  Instead of being two different lenses, the glass is  slowly  ground to  the required consistencies, with the top  portion of the lens being for long viewing, with the lower part   getting used for close reading. Combining the lenses like this means  that the lens maker can  use  a much thinner piece of glass, and then  employ a lighter frame to support the glasses.  Additionally, there is no fine line down the middle.

 People who work in computers,  significantly in IT and computer displays,  usually find  that bifocal lenses are completely   inappropriate for their needs . Instead, they choose  Varifocal glasses  that  will be worn for long stretches at a time, and do not  require  the user to change the frames, move the glasses, or do anything  which requires  effort or risks eye strain. Without the line down  the center, they can  clearly see the screen in front of them, a vital  part of their job .

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