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A Glimpse into CD and DVD Duplication Services

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In this era of digital technologies, the role of digital storage media like CDs and DVDs is one of the matters to give supreme importance. Ever since the dawn of civilization, man has been finding ways to manage, store and share information. In the present times, blank digital media are some of the best tools in his hands.

Every minute, millions of bytes of data get written on a digital or an optical storage medium somewhere in the world. We have also come to accept CDs and DVDs as the preferred medium for storing our digital files.
Given the present scenario, it is no wonder that CD duplication and DVD duplication services are in such demand. Every now and then, businesses around the world face the need to produce large quantities of optical media, and professional CD duplication and DVD duplication services are the only means to meet such requirements within practical limits of time and cost.

Over the years, the process of optical media duplication has undergone many changes and today, it has evolved into a highly specialized field that uses extremely sophisticated equipment and advances technology to create high quality copies of CDs and DVDs. Large scale CD duplication requirements, can typically be met with CD replication methods that can produce anywhere between 1,000 to 1,000,000 copies within a remarkably short time.
The process involves transferring the original data to a glass master, which is then used to create a metal stamp that will press the data into plastic injection moulds, before a reflective layer of aluminum is coated on the back surface, allowing the CD player’s laser to read it.

For smaller volumes, direct duplication methods are employed that eliminate long setup times. For example, for smaller quality CD and DVD duplication  requirements, DVD-R’s/CD-R’s are laser-written rather than pressed (or manufactured). This is an economical option for quantities of up to 1,000 units or projects that require a fast turnaround.
So what are you waiting for? If you need multiple copies of data on optical media, entrust a professional CD and DVD duplication company with the job and relax. Your supplicated media will be ready for you even before you know it!

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