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Cell Phone Signal Jamming – Uses of Sophisticated Technology

by anonymous

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The mobile subscribers have grown exponentially and with prices of mobile sets dipping further south, the mobile customer base is set to expand further. Though mobile communications has made it easy to be in touch with other, its frequent use has created some problems too. This includes the constant buzzing of mobiles in places where one needs silence. Be it cinema halls, hospitals, or conference meets, the problem of buzzing mobile phone is omnipresent. In order to counter the problems effectively, jammers are being increasing used. These hammers incorporate some of the latest technologies that help in blocking the mobile signals. cell phone jammer  works by effectively sending out signals that match the frequency range of the cell phone devices and cancel them so that the mobile set is not able to receive them. The jammers also take into consideration the power increase that the mobile set render to the signals thus matching the power as well as frequency of the signal.        

Mobile phones are essentially full duplex devices that operate using two types of frequencies – one is the receiving frequency, the other is the sending frequency. Mobile Phone Blocker work by blocking one of the frequencies and thus trick the device that the connection has been dropped as the signal is no longer available. Depending upon the type of technology that a cell phone jammer uses, it can be classified as sophisticated jammer or a simple one. The simple jammer devices block only as small range of frequencies whereas the sophisticated one operate over a wide range of frequencies that effectively block all types of network thus effectively creating a complete blackout to cell phones that may operate in more than two modes. The high-end devices can also be used to block specific frequencies. At present, different types of mobile communication networks are in place. This includes Nextel, iDEN, DCS, PCS, GSM, TDMA, CDMA, and AMPS network. These entire networks operate at different frequencies. GSM phones work in 1900-MHz range in US and in Europe and Asia they work in 1800-MHz frequency band. Jammers can jam these networks by broadcasting at the correct frequency at which a mobile device is working. mobile phone blocker is as effective against analog network (traditional phone lines) as they are against digital network.  

The range of the Mobile Jammers varies with the type of inbuilt technology. Low powered jammers can effectively create a blackout in the range of 2 to 10 meters. These are good to be used for conferences and smaller gatherings. More powerful jammers can enlarge the blackout are over a radius of 50 to 100 meters. Also, law enforcement agencies have equipments that can block mobile signals up to a range of 1 mile. The role that mobile jammers play in creating a silent and secure zone is well appreciated by all. In coming days, one may expect jammers to play more important roles of protecting against remote controlled blasts stage managed by terrorist organizations. Work in this direction has already started in earnest.

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