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Advantages of taking on the services of consulting firms

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Owing to the reasons like a vast market for diverse price points, democratic set up, reasonably deep-rooted lawful set up, cheap manufacturing and outsourcing, accessibility of large mechanical and
other manpower at inexpensive rates, India is a favorite destination/resource/place of trading for a lot of businesses across the world.

But, there are many Regulatory Requirements, Taxation, Import contractual obligations, Foreign Trade Export guidelines, which are required to be understood and dealt with, for taking a decision, and
later on making Investments as well as carrying out Trade with India.

There are many well-known consulting firms providing consulting in India, as well.

Their benefits

The difference:
These companies take on the responsibility to finally perform the job. The execution normally comprises comprehensive planning, certification, application preparation, submission, as well as representation at the authorities, follow up as well as liaison till the aim / consent /
assistance is reached.

Charge- While a fraction of the charge is to be paid in the start for the hard work towards certification, application groundwork etc. A larger fraction of the payment is usually billed after
the work is finished, successfully.

The benefit: Due to their knowledge of working with a range of Industries on various matters, and connection with numerous government departments, they are able to better comprehend a company’s
business from the viewpoint of business and investments with India. This gives rise to their offering sensible guidance and carrying out the entire work.

Services offered to overseas Companies:

  • Usual guidance on regulatory problems, procedures linked to Trading, Investment as well as completion of contracts in India.
  • Guidance on manufacturing set up in India , indirect income taxarrangement, Import duties in the nation linked with Imports, Exports, Manufacturing, Contract implementation, how to start a set up in India, where to perform trade in the country etc.
  • Presentations on the Investments, Indirect income tax arrangement, Imports, Exports guidelines, Procedures, certifications, incentives, Customs linked problems etc.
  • Carrying out turnkey job of application preparation, certification, representation, contact with different authorities till the finalization for.
  •  Starting of liaison, subdivision, project office or Setting up a sales subsidiary or marketing subsidiary company in India.
  • Listing with a range of authorities considered necessary, regular filing of reports etc. through the authorities, accounting etc.
  • Authorizations, NOC, benefits, tax compensations, negative aspect etc. from departments relating to Import or export from the nation.
  • Giving support to overseas companies in India till they can set up their own office. This can consist of offering office space, infrastructure, contact addresses, human resources etc. at nominal charges.

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