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Sorry,No Bed Bugs in Properties RealEstate Agents in PA Sell

by calvinmordarski

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There's something about Philadelphia that bed bugs love; could it be the swanky real estate or the Philly cheese steaks? Whatever it is, it's enough to earn the city the distinction of being one major haven for bed bugs in the entire country. Checking for bed bugs, in this case, should be added to any home buyer's checklist.

Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs don't reproduce quick enough to infest every inch of American soil. They usually rely on human carriers to go places; there's a good chance a colony of bed bugs in Philadelphia came from Massachusetts or Mississippi. In real estate, the presence of bed bugs can be every indication of poor property management, which could drive potential buyers away. That's why many real estate agents in Philadelphia only offer clean places to live.

While bed bugs aren't generally harmful, they can be really annoying. Despite their name, they don't just thrive under your bed but also on couches, ceilings, suitcases, and even your pets' fur. When you inspect a home for sale, check every nook and cranny for signs of an infestation.

Whether or not agents decide to spill the beans on bed bugs, Teri Rogers of the New York Daily News says the truth will reveal itself anyway. The difference is that the consequence of not telling buyers is much heavier. A woman in Annapolis, MD was awarded $800,000 in damages after her landlord failed to tell her about the bed bugs in the rented space.

This is where asking questions gets all the more important. As a buyer, you deserve to know several things about, say, the Center City Philadelphia real estate property you're planning to buy. It's the responsibility of the real estate agency to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the real estate they offer in listings. If you don't ask the right questions, you may find yourself itching in your new home.

Philadelphia has improved considerably on its bed bug problem, but stay sharp in buying real estate. The deal breakers are usually the ones buyers can't see until it's too late. You can read Rogers' article at and see why real estate agents don't like bed bugs as much as you do.

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