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How to Change the MAC address of Windows 7 without using any

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Firstly, let us see that what MAC address is? MAC stands for the Media Access Control addresses. MAC is unique identifier that is assigned to the network interfaces for communication on physical network segments. MAC addresses are utilized for most of the IEEE 802 network technology, including Ethernet. Sensibly, MAC addresses are utilized in Media Access Control protocol’s sub-layer of OSI reference model. The MAC addresses most often are assigned by manufacturer of the NIC (network interface card).

So this was brief on what MAC address is. Now coming to title of this post, many people say that Media Access Control address is exclusive for every system and couldn't be modified, but in this age everything is possible easily. There might be times when you wish to change MAC address of the network adapter. MAC-address is a unique address which is utilized to recognize your computer within a network. As a result we will here give you the trick to spoof MAC address without any MAC Address Software

Step 1 : How should you check the MAC address?

Proceed to Start menu and type the "cmd" and then type "getmac". By simply doing this procedure you will obtain your MAC address. In case you wish then you can note your MAC address on your notepad for future use.

Step 2 : After knowing your MAC address simply drag yourself to the

Start Menu-> Control Panel -> Networks and Internet -> Networks and Sharing Center.

And after getting to "Control Panel\Networks and Internet\Networks and Sharing Center", just click on the "Change Adapter Settings" that is at left top most corner.

Step 3 : Now after proceeding to "Change Adapter Settings" you’ll be seeing the "Bluetooth Network Connections", "Local Area Connection" and "Wireless Network Connection". 

Right Click on -> Properties of the "Local Area Connection".

Note : The trick works on LAN only, it doesn't work on wifi.

Step 4 : Then Click "Configure" and then navigate to the "Advanced" tab". Proceed to "Network Address". And by default this won’t be present. You need to select value and provide the MAC address that you wish for. Don't alter much, simply change 2 - 3 digits. Then Click on Ok and wait until it gets redialed and is connected.

Step 5 : confirmation, your MAC address spoofing is done. So let’s verify it again. Perform step 1 i.e., Click on Spoof MAC Address start and type the cmd and give command "getmac" and check now whether the MAC address is changed or not. It has been changed definitely to the provided address in above steps.

In this age everything is probable. Thus this is the easiest way for MAC address change. There is lots of 3rd party software available to spoof the MAC address like Technitium Tmac, and a lot more. Actually someone had said that we cannot change the MAC address so the a post for him . There are lots of such software available which will let you to change it with wifi also.

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