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The types of Industrial Standard Phones that are based on Mu

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Multicell technology is a certain type of technology that has been affiliated with wireless networking and wireless communication. Multicell technology is mostly used for industrial purposes and is often used in large offices and factories in order to make sure that the staff, the customers and the people in the management are well aware of what is happening around the workplace. What is Multicell technology you ask? Well, Multicell technology is a certain type of technology that, when installed, provides the ability for a person sitting in one corner of an office building to communicate with a person sitting in the opposite corner of the office building using handsets or phones, commonly known as Industrial standard phones

Types of Standard industrial phones

DECT cordless handsets

These handsets are handsets that are based on wireless DECT Multicell technology. A DECT cordless handset is portable and can be taken anywhere since it does not have a cord or a wire attached to it. In addition, this handset is based on the DECT Multicell technology and this means that wherever a person takes this handset, they will be able to communicate with the people who are connected to the same DECT Multicell network as the person. The only factor that can affect the effectiveness of a DECT cordless handset is the network which the people who need to communicate with each other are connected to because if they are connected to the wrong network, they won’t be able to communicate with each other.

Business Grade Multicell Roaming Cordless Systems

These handsets are devices that are based solely on business grade Multicell technology. In addition, these handsets are cordless and can be taken anywhere since they do not have any wires or cords attached to them. These handsets are also equipped with roaming functionality so that a person can even take these handsets with them when they are travelling to somewhere out of their own country. Since these handsets are designed to be business grade, they are not only efficient and effective but they are truly the best handsets that have been based on Multicell technology.

VOIP Multicell Handsets

These handsets are not only intriguing and interesting but they are also the most unique handsets out of this complete list. The reason why that is so is simply because these handsets are based on the Multicell technology and are designed to carry out VOIP calls. VOIP calls can be either voice calls or video calls and all a person needs in order to call another handset using the VOIP calling feature is internet connectivity. A person needs to have wither Wi-Fi or mobile internet connectivity in order for them to be able to make a video call or a voice call to anywhere in the world. VOIP calling can be a very handy feature for businessmen since they can easily conduct conferences using the conference call feature that has been bundled up with the concept of VOIP audio and video calling.

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