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Learn how to make the best SEO plan for your website

by johnfloyed

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the ways to build company’s online presence by influencing how your site will appear in a Google search results page. A position near the top usually generates more click-throughs from Google search users, thereby generating more site traffic. By increasing your site traffic, you are able to spread news about your company’s products and services to a greater number of would-be buyers, thereby securing more potential sales and revenues for your company.

However, SEO is not something you can do without a strategy. You need to have an SEO plan that will help you secure the coveted top position among Google search results and garner the most click-throughs.

Here are some things to consider when making your website’s SEO plan:

What search terms to use

Not all search terms will give you click-throughs. Seek out your best options among the myriad of search term possibilities using the Google keyword tool. You can also try to look for existing search terms that are already driving traffic to your website and see how you can further leverage them.

These search terms are integral to your SEO plan as they will influence almost all of your other SEO efforts.

Page titles to go with your search terms

Page titles are important; Google displays these as clickable links in its results page. Descriptive and compelling titles that contain your strongest keywords or keyword phrases will help to generate the Google search user’s interest and thereby produce more click-throughs for your site.

You would also need to create informative content around these page titles. While you definitely should include your keyword or keyword phrase in the first sentence of your web page copy, use it sparingly for the rest of the page. Google displays the first line of your text copy below the page title in its search results page, so it makes sense to put your keyword or keyword phrase there. The same does not apply to the rest of your page, however. The same word or phrase appearing again and again in your page copy can make your write-up awkward to read and can also be an irritant to your site visitors.

Link-building methods

Getting other websites to link back to your site will also enhance your website ranking. The logic behind this is that Google thinks that the most important sites on the web are those that other sites will link to. This is due to the observation that people tend to create links to websites with highly relevant or informative content. The more back-links you have leading to your site will indicate that you are a credible resource on your subject matter and Google will rank your website accordingly.

Furthermore, getting the websites that Google trusts to link back to you will be a major feather on your cap. Websites such as online news sites, the online equivalent of popular daily newspapers or magazines, libraries and university websites are deemed credible by Google such that their links leading to your website will be given more weight in determining your site ranking than links from other websites.

SEO is still a chaotic battlefield to many but by keeping these items in mind, you can develop the best SEO plan for your website.

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