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Where to sell cell phones

by anonymous

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There are countless sites on line and offline where you can sell cell phones and make quick cash. If you are worried about the growing number of phones lying and gathering dust in your house, a visit to these sites is in order .It all depend on the model and condition of the cell phone in question.


 If you are interested or looking for where to sell your used cell phones online, you can get an idea or two from these listed below:


E is a good option to sell your cell phone .In E bay, you use the E bay auction system. This avails you the opportunity to sell to the highest bidder. this another site that sells used phones. The first thing you do is enter the make and model of your phone and you are shown the topmost bidder for the phone. Then you can go on with the transaction. is online site that deals in sale of cell phone. Just click on the site. They have a trade-in- program which lets you compare cash offer from buyers on your brand. You are expected to specify the brand of your phone, and state of phone. Listing of offers is shown and you get to make a pick. Payment is made once the buyer is satisfied with the product.  is an online Ecommerce that sells used items such as cell phone,  Iphone, Ipad  Ipod and Mac book. Once your trade-in- item is received, the condition ascertained, payment is sent to you. The transaction takes up to a week.


OLX is also a good place to trade your used phone for cash. This is a free classified ad online site that deals in sale of use electronics such as phones and such stuff. this is great site that pays for cell phones. They offer free shipping and give a fair price. Three steps are involved in making a sale on teach payout. You search for your brand in the homepage either by brand or by carrier. Click on your brand a quote is shown .If you are satisfied with amount, you go through the checkout process. When done, you package your phone and send it. Payment is made either by check or PayPal


May be you are not interested in selling online. Not to worry, there are countless sell cell phonesoffline options you can use to sell your phones.


Re-cycling: you can sell your cell phones to manufacturer of the phone. This is done through Voluntary Organization in USA or Canada. A good example is Call 2 recycle. Once you click on the site you are directed to a drop box in your area where you drop your phone. The organization collects and sells it to the manufacturers.


Collective Good: is another organization that collects, refurbishes and sell cell phones to distributors and carriers for on ward shipments to developing world. This method is believe to help the less privileged in these areas the opportunity of moving along with trend.


There are also stores that pay customers for used electronics. These are means you can utilize to make money. With little inquiry you get to sell to these store owners and collect you cash. The age long practice of selling to your friends or neighbors is a good sell cell phones offline option.


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