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4 Differences between Windows 8 and Mac OS X Mountain Lion

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Both Windows 8 and Mac OS X Lion from Microsoft and Apple respectively claim to be the most advanced and user-friendly operating systems (OS) of the world. Both the OS has their own set of advantages and disadvantages to offer. It is useful for the users to compare their features on the basis of UI (user interface), software, security, and business features because it offers users to go for the OS that suits most to their requirements.

In this article you get information and comparison between these two leading operating systems of the world. Lets compare these two leading software on the basis of their features.

User Interface

The launch of the latest Windows 8 has written off the ages of traditional Microsoft OS interface that included Start Menu, taskbar and windows. Everything has been changed now with the launch of the new Windows 8. The Start button has been scrapped and the desktop remains hidden behind the touch-focused Start screen that projects tiled or Metro interface.

Because of these changes to the Windows 8 interface, the OS was called next generation operating system. It infers that Microsoft has started the process of modernizing the OS interface.

Apple has not incorporated substantial changes to the interface of OS X however it has introduced incremental changes in form of upgrades every year. You will find the familiar taskbar showing various icons that appears at the bottom of the screen. You will be offered Finder app that helps you navigate documents, applications and other files stored on the PC. You will also find a bar at the top of the screen that shows notifications, networking information and menus. 


Both Windows 8 and OS X come ready with a range of basic software that assists the users in handling e-mail, media and simple tasks such as word processing.

Users get email clients with both the software. These email clients support Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail. Despite similarities in the scope of the software, those offered by Apple considered better in task execution. Apple software are equipped with better tools for e-mail organization. Unlike Windows 8 Mail app, the Apple's software supports POP3 mailboxes. Although, Windows 8.1 has improved the native Mail app but still it is not clear that whether it will be able to match the native client offered with OS X client. 

OS editions

Apple doesn’t offer too many versions of Mac OS X so it is not difficult to understand the various versions of OS X. The version of Mountain Lion OS is 10.8 and you can upgrade your OS X 10.6 or later by spending just a few dollars.

But things are different when it comes to Windows 8. Microsoft offers Windows 8 in four versions: a standard edition, pro and Enterprise release and an ARM-based RT version. None of the versions are cheaper. Moreover, you can get the Enterprise version only after talking to Microsoft.


In terms of performance, Apple software are peerless as they meet high standard of performance delivery benchmark. Users become eligible for a Mountain Lion upgrade only if their device is running on OS X 10.6 or above. It infers that the devices that are released before 2007 can’t use the latest OS. Moreover, the forthcoming Mavericks release will also be compatible with the similar hardware configuration.

By launching Windows 8 Microsoft has shown their commitment to introduce an OS that can run huge variety of devices. Looking at the Windows 8 features it seems obvious that the new OS can support variety of devices. However, Windows 8 is not always smooth running while it is running devices with variety of specs and weak processors.

Above discussed are the four distinguishing factors for the latest Windows 8 and Mac OS X Mountain Lion OS from Apple. Apart from the above, these two software also differ in many other ways like security and compatibility. So if you are planning to go for a device and open to both Apple and Microsoft, it is always beneficial to know and understand the features of both the OS. 


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