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Hiring Insulation Contractor San Jose

by duncanflawer

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The installation of wall and ceiling insulation must be done in accordance with the latest energy codes. Since most of the energy lost is through the ceiling area insulation contractor San Jose suggest that insulation with an R-value of 38 be properly installed. This should be installed in the ceilings of the living areas— basically, the floor of the attic. Most homes constructed today use an insulation of R-19 value for this purpose. This is inadequate since the energy savings over the years will be tremendous with an R-38 insulation factor.


Use of 2 x 6’s for exterior walls. If this is used, homeowner can increase the R-value from R-13 to R-19. If homeowner is using the standard 2 x 4’s for wall construction, insist upon the greatest R-value for insulation. At this time, R-13 should be used since it is a denser material and provides for greater energy savings. The building insulation is installed after the framing is complete and the building made watertight. The installation of all electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, ductwork, security and telephone wiring must be installed and inspected prior to building insulation being installed. Insulation is manufactured with a vapor barrier of paper or aluminum foil face. Personally, using the unfaced insulation in the walls and ceilings and then applying a vapor barrier of 4-mil polyethylene stapled to the studs and ceiling joists. This provides a continuous vapor barrier from floor to ceiling and is superior to a faced installation since it bridges all gaps between the insulation and the framing. Adequate protection is afforded with tape around all electrical boxes or other openings in the walls or ceilings. The space around all windows and doors should be insulated with insulation loosely pressed into place and covered with the vapor barrier previously mentioned. A word of caution—installs all insulation with the highest R-value possible. The energy savings will be tremendous.

Make sure the insulation contractor San Jose installs insulation in the basement area between all floor joints above the foundation wall at the exterior perimeter. If a crawl space is provided for certain areas of the house make sure the contractor applies at least two inches of styrofoam or other approved material adhered to the foundation wall with either adhesive or mechanically fastened. This styrofoam must then be covered with a fire resistant material such as sheetrock to protect the fire rating.

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