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Using Business Card Printing For Business Expansion

by threesonsprinting

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Impressing prospective customers is the aim of every business. Businessmen use various tools for the purpose of marketing. Handing out business cards is a crucial tool used for the same. Quality business cards are a great tool for introduction of your business to your customers and give a positive impact of your business.


If you are thinking about getting your business cards printed, here are a few tips to give your business cards the most impressive look:


  • Size of the card: The standard size of a business card is 3.5 x 2 inches. It is advisable to use this standard size and not go for smaller or bigger cards as it may not fit into the wallets of holders.
  • Color of the card: Colors have a great impact on the quality of your business card. Use of attractive colors does make a card more appealing. You can opt to choose the colors that go with your business line or logo of the business.
  • Type of print: Select a legible font size neither too big nor too small for the card size. Avoid using fancy fonts that may make reading difficult. They may look stylish but at many times they might be difficult to read.
  • Contents of the card: The aim of business card is to provide a brief introduction. You should be diligent about keeping the most important information on the card only. Printing your name, contact number, company’s name should do the job.
  • Quality of paper: When you hand over the card to someone, the first thing that gets noticed is the feel of the card. You should invest in quality paper and refrain from getting your cards printed on cheap paper.


A business card is a miniature advertisement of you and your business. After you are done with your meeting and handshakes, handing over your business cards will make the people remember you and your services.


You can give your business a great push by going for  Business card Printing . Always keep them handy in your wallet, car, or bag. Share them with the people you meet to provide them with short introduction.


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