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Get instant access to public company financial statements wi

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Do you want precise information about the companies you want to invest in? Or are you looking for the single, exact footnotes to Public Company Financial Statements on any device, whether it may be handheld, tablet, or laptop? Well, if yes, then you will be glad to know that from now onwards you can access the information about the marketplace whenever and wherever you like, on the web, phone or tablet, with the help of 9W Search. 9W Search is a sophisticated financial search engine, designed primarily for mobile users, giving financial information in a precise form.

9W Search is founded by Susan and Marc Strausberg, the founders of EDGAR Online. 9W Search is the most sophisticated financial search engine. designed to provide a single, right answer to a financial question on any device. 9W is created for all users of financial information; including financial advisors, private wealth managers, researchers, analysts, numerous people who are curious to know about the companies they want to do business with, the companies they work for, the companies they invest in and companies in the news. 9W Search provides accurate, timely, complete key details about U.S. Public Company operations, any financial data from public companies quarterly and annual financial filings, dating back five years. 9W Search also provides live stock quotes, and footnotes to financial statements. It offers culled and compiled data like earnings, share price, market capitalization, revenue per employee and more. The main difference between 9W Search and other financial search engines is that it has ability to pull select metrics and sort through all the data, saving you from the bother of downloading data and editing spreadsheets.

9W sources the data from company filings and financial data provider Edgar Online, which is a subset of the data maintained by the EDGAR system. 9W has added industry-specific taxonomies to its platform and helps users to gain instant access to data generated from XBRL Reporting. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has mandated XBRL reporting due to its allowing companies to report financial results to a highly granular level.With so much data to analyze, it becomes difficult for users to easily access information critical to their industry and gain large amounts of data. This is where 9W Search makes your life easier.

Edgar Database Search platform plays a key role to make the data interactive by creating sets of taxonomies or definitions for enabling the exchange of data and automatic extraction. So, if you want to gain information about U.S. Public Companies then simply utilize the 9W Search platform on any device and get the benefits of easy access this all this data.

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