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When is it time for a New Hot Tub Cover

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Your hot tub cover keeps dirt and contaminant out of the tub, prevents children falling in, and prevents loss of heat. Hot tub dealers advise inspecting and changing your hot tub or spa cover every year. But the cost can be daunting. That said there are some signs you can watch for to know when it is time to change the cover of your Jacuzzi or hot tub.

Too Heavy to Lift

A heavy cover is one of the first signs that the cover needs to be changed. A heavy cover is in indication of water logging. Spa covers tend to retain water over time and become heavier until they crack and sink into the tub. Don’t wait for that to happen. Contact hot tub dealers for a replacement as soon as you start finding it difficult to lift the cover.

Cracking or Tearing

If you see the outer vinyl or canvas covering has begun to crack or tear, call your neighbourhood hot tub dealers and have it inspected. A cracked outer cover can lead to water logging in the foam, making the top heaver to lift.

If left untended, it may cause further deterioration and ultimately the cover may collapse into the tub. A cracked cover may also allow debris and dirt into the tub, contaminating the water.

Bent or Broken Foam Insert

If you ignore the cracked canvas, the water will seep into the foam and bend it. This will make the cover sag in some spots and stick up others. If you leave this problem unattended, the foam will further bend and eventually the cover will drop into the tub itself. When the foam enters the tub, it may block the filters and contaminate the water.

Mold or Foul Smell

If there are any stubborn stains on the cover, there is a mould on the cover, or the cover smells funny, it means that your cover has been contaminated and will eventually contaminate the water it covers. Call a hot tub dealer immediately for a new cover.

Water Logging

If your hot tub cover is doubling as a pond with water standing in the cover, it means that the cover is warped. It also means that the insulation capacity of the cover is almost totally lost. If you find the water logged cover too heavy to lift and you cannot get rid of the pooled water by flipping it, it is time to call some hot tub dealers.

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