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Bespoke Suits

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Henry Herbert Tailors is like no other Savile Row tailoring firm. We are the only tailoring firm who don’t wait for customers to come to us, but who travel out to see customers on our fleet of custom-built Vespa scooters. We make perfectly fitting suits and shirts, meeting customers around the clock. The service has to be as good as the suits and shirts we make. We make bespoke suits and bespoke shirts here in London, using the most luxurious fabrics.


At Henry Herbert every handmade suit or shirt is unique to its owner, but we think there is one constant: a timeless and elegant bespoke suit will never let its gentleman wearer down, no matter what the setting. We believe a bespoke suit is special. We make sure our customers are involved in every part of the process, while offering the convenient and discreet service Henry Herbert has become renowned for.


Our Savile Row by Scooter service is one which I created to cater for the busy international professional in cities such as London. As bespoke shirt and suit makers, we start with a blank sheet of paper with every customer. Therefore the customer is the designer. As a young and contemporary London tailoring firm we tend to make slim fitting shirts and suits. But if a customer has a particular request, and odd colour or something never done before, as bespoke tailors we are more than happy to accommodate them.


The firm is called Henry Herbert, named after the shirt-maker to King Charles several hundred years ago. Fast forward to the 21st Century, and I resurrected the name to use in the spirit of fine English tailoring, bringing it to the modern century


One of our greatest obstacles at first was Savile Row itself. They had never seen a service like this before and are not always acceptable to change. Proving to our peers that we could match the same levels of bespoke tailoring whilst going to see customers, was a testing time for us. But today, we have a team of tailors on scooters going out to see more customers than ever before. And as I write this, I have just hopped off a scooter from seeing a customer, a Russian gentleman now living and working in West London.


As a young firm, wanting to do things a little bit differently, there are advantages and disadvantages of being part of the old fashioned way. We do of course work to the same exacting standards of Savile Row, making everything in England using British wools, but of course we have our own idea of what Savile Row tailoring should be in the 21st Century. We have taken what we see as the best bits of the past, and paired them with our own ideas to create a vision for the future.


Change in Savile Row is very rarely welcomed. It is welcomed even less when someone arrives with no connection to the “golden mile of tailoring”. And so, Abercrombie and Fitch have had a rough reception. But they have remained determined that they will inhabit a little part of Savile Row. I myself believe that change can be a good thing, and the very fact that a stream of young people are coming along to Savile Row – in fact they could very well be the customers of Savile Row tomorrow.


Trends of course, help people make decisions. As fashion “revolutions” go, well, the word can mean radical change, but also a rotation back to starting point. For example, the double-breasted suit saw its popularity recede. However, we have started to see it become trendy again.


Savile Row has always been influenced by trends, from the Tommy Nutters and wide lapels, to the OzwaldBoatengs and their vibrant colours. And so SavileRow, must and will always adapt to those changing tastes and trends.


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