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Nanny camera showing things behind the scenes

by spygadgetonline

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Fixing secretive guests with a mini recording gadget

 That day I invited some guests over a dinner in my house. Guests are usually decent. However, some of mine were little scrupulous (little overstated). I made my guests sit in the living area. Usually I have to leave my guests sitting there. This is because I have to attend kitchen affairs. I am not aware about things going on behind my back in the living area. Anything can happen. Embezzlement is common, if we have such scrupulous guests. A worst case is that someone clicks pictures of my personal belongings. Things become annoying, if one picks up photo frames (wedding pic) from my room. These things are not fair at all folks. We got to do something. That day when I came back to the living area, to my surprise I saw one of my guests making graffiti on my walls secretly. Well, if they are doing things secretly, I have to opt for a furtive way. Catching these guests red-handed is a tough job. Thank you nanny camera. It helped a lot. I can keep an eye on my living area now. Although I am in my kitchen, still it is easy. My nanny camera is looking at these scrupulous guests with a stern eye. Now, dare to touch my belongings. And, you will have it from my secret agent.


Why do they sleep in my office?

 I am getting disconcerted now. My office is not a napping area. I wish to have some discipline around. Relaxing at an official seat during official hours (seriously not palatable). A worst thing is snoring and disturbing other diligent workers. How can someone do such a thing? And, they are cool actors. They act as if they are persevering. Persevering! Yes, persevering in dreams. They seem working only when an officer is on a stroll. I went to an electronic shop. The shop seller insisted on placing a hidden cam in my premises. He said that he does the same to keep a check on his lazy laborers. Last month I sacked about a dozen workers from my office for obvious reasons. They dozed each day after coming to office. It is time for some realistic discipline. Hidden cam helped in taking some disciplinary action. My company profits are booming. Great gadget folks. I will call it as a great disciplinary gadget. Get it to bring some realistic discipline in office premises.


My notepad and film

 I feel great now. I usually have a notepad in my hand. And, my spy pen offers tremendous confidence. They think I am studying. I do. However, I usually split into two things. Study and film. My notepad takes care of the former one (study). My spy pen is for the second job. No, it does not show films. However, it gathers films from surrounding areas. It is filming things furtively.

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