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PHP App Development Matters the Most

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PHP is widely used by developers across the world as a server-side scripting language to build robust websites and web application. At the same time, many programmers also use PHP as a general-purpose programming language. Since its inception in 1995, the language has been installed on millions on websites and web servers.

Unlike other web programming languages, the PHP code is interpreted by the web server through a PHP processor module. So the code written using this scripting language can be embedded directly into the HTML source without requiring any external file.

As PHP is open source, it can be used by small, medium and large enterprises without paying any licensing fees. If you are exploring server-side scripting languages for your web development project, it is time to understand why PHP app development matters the most.

Significant Advantages Offered by PHP App Development

  • Free to Use: An increase is noted in the number of enterprises opting for open source technologies to reduce application development cost. As an open source programming language, PHP complements the budget of all enterprises. So the language is the best option when one is exploring ways to bring down the website development cost. Further, the PHP developers understand how to optimize the usage of this free-to-use platform. The faster access ramp provided by the language makes it easier for programmers to implement innovative ideas.

  • Compatibility across Operating Systems: Each website or web application, nowadays, needs to be compatible with major browsers and operating system. As the choice of platform varies from one user to another, programmers have to ensure that the application is working flawlessly on all operating system. The PHP web applications work on widely used operating systems like Windows, LINUX and UNIX with optimized functional efficiency. The cross operating system compatibility makes PHP the best option to develop web applications.

  • Better and Efficient Integration: Programmers often integrate several technologies to optimize the website’s performance. Further, they explore options to deliver content to the users in a form desired by them. PHP supports both HTML and HTML5. So the programmers can easily include innovative features to make the web application more interactive and engaging. At the same time, the PHP application can automatically generate output in several file formats including PDF, Flash, XML and XHTML. The support for multiple file formats will make it easier for the website to impress users by delivering the output as text, PDF or video.

  • Option to Enable GZIP: In addition to supporting several file formats, a web application also needs to render the files at a quicker pace. So programmers explore option to execute the script in a faster and quicker way. While developing PHP application, developers have option to enable GZIP to execute the script and render files quickly. As the PHP files are directly deployed in executable format, a compiler can execute the script more quickly. Further, the GZIP compression will reduce the size of compiled code to reduce the time required for script execution.

  • Build Robust Ecommerce Websites: PHP is effective in building both static and dynamic websites. It is also being used widely to build robust ecommerce websites. Normally, the ecommerce websites are more complex, and also designed with third-party integration. Along with allowing users to browse through the products and services, the online portal must enable them to make payment in a fast and secure way. PHP is used to optimize the look and feel of the web store. At the same time, the scripting language further allows developers to seamlessly integrate third-party applications developed using different technologies.

  • Use Loads of Tools and Databases: Most developers love to use the tools and components provided by PHP. Some of these tools enable them to test and debug the application in a hassle-freeway. At the same time, some tools like Google Maps and FirePHP make it easier for them to optimize user experience without writing lengthy code. Similar to the tools, a developer can also avail several database specific extensions. For instance, a programmer can use Open Database Connection Standard or PDO to connect to a database.

A developer also has option to choose from a wide variety of php web development frameworks including CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Zend, Qcodo, PEAR and PHPSpec. The frameworks come with loads of tools and functionalities to enable programmers to build a robust website without writing longer lines of code. Further, the frameworks make it easier for enterprise to evaluate the performance and scalability of the web application as part of their test-driven development plans.

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