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Amazing 15% Autumn Discount for this Beautiful Season

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There is not a single day when the computer users do not pile data. Irrespective of months, seasons, festivals and everything, the data is being generated regularly. As data is growing, there is no doubt that the threat to data is also increasing. The cyber criminals take no time off and carry their malicious activities to harm the computer users. Using unique and orthodox techniques to bully the common people and hurt them financially as well as in other aspects. These hack attacks are almost inevitable and they always keep you stressed.

Other than the hackers, the data thieves also do not take a day off. No matter you have an individuals’ data or an organization’s data, your precious records are always at stake in getting theft. The insider threat to data is quite huge as it contributes significantly in data leakage. The use of the portable device by the employees can haunt you in a number of ways, such as; stealing your data by just copying it on the portable drive and carrying it away or by dropping a USB stick full of confidential data in a public place. Data breach was never as big problem as it is today, because, from your PC to your iPhone, all are involved I leaking data.

During all this hassle and stress, you probably have forgotten the beauty of this world. Newsoftwares is offering15% off as Autumn Discount on all its Data Security Software. So that, you can become worry free from leaking data and enjoy this beautiful season of autumn. As Albert Camus said:

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower” 

Our planet earth is beautiful, and you have overlooked it due to the increasing number of problems and the struggle of finding new ways to tackle them. But, you should look around every now and then to see the striking sceneries around you and it may also ease the stress on your mind.

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