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Family Friendly Decorating Ideas

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Decorating around the home can pose different challenges if you have a family. While you may love a living room filled with a delicate glass collection, white carpet, or rare family artifacts, those options are out if you have children. Even the most well-behaved children (and more than a few adults) can be accident prone. While there are decorating "no's" for family life it doesn't mean you need to turn your home into something that looks like a daycare. Your home décor can still have a lot of modern style and class by following these simple ideas.

When planning on decorating a room around your home take account into how the room is used by your family. A room in your home needs to meet the demands of your family's lifestyle. Choose furniture with durable upholstery that looks better as it ages. Slipcovers can not only add a different look around your home (which you can adjust anytime you want), but they will also prevent damage to furniture in case of spills, wear and tear from pets, and other accidents. Choose vibrant colors that will help hide those spills.

When painting the interior of your home make sure that you choose paint that is a shade deeper on walls than the color chip you like. Colors appear lighter on larger surfaces and pick newer paint that is washable. Eggshell colors clean up very well with a damp sponge should your little one decide to use his or her crayons to be creative on your walls. If you have kids that are especially into art and drawing you can even find chalkboard paint that will provide a no-fuss option for cleaning up.

When planning the look for your rooms consider open floor plans where possible. In the living room this will help you keep an eye on your kids while you're in another room and allow the family to communicate with one another without being in the same room. It's healthy for family life to create a space that makes everyone feel together and able to easily mingle.

For your home's décor always keep it simple. Long drapes that hang to the ground can create tripping or choking hazards for your little ones or pets so keep drapes or blinds limited in size. Avoid large white expensive rugs and use outdoor rugs. Outdoor rugs can work inside the home as well and are easier to clean.

The final option for home décor if you have a family is to create a space for the kids to play. If you're lucky enough to have an extra room you can convert it into a play space for the kids. If you're not as lucky or need to be close by consider how you decorate the living room and have your kids help. If you kids are into music incorporate that into the play area and if they are into art display their artwork in the room. The more a child feels a part of the process, the more grown-up they will feel and their responsibility for caring for the space will be higher.

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