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With business enterprises using different aspects of technology in order to enhance their performance as well as market value, video conferencing has definitely played a major role in achieving this huge success. Now it is possible to communicate with people sitting in different cities, states as well as countries. We all know that communication has to play one of the most important roles in determining the success rate of any organisation. It is through communication only that an individual can express his thoughts and ideas. Almost a decade ago, people had to make several phone calls for this purpose and no would have even thought about using their laptops as well as phones for having face to face conversations. But technology has set a wide range of options now. You can start a video conversation with anyone, no matter how far they are, with just a few taps and in just a few minutes.

Our country is a growing economy and so is its need for office space requirements. Metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, etc have offices of some of the major business enterprises in the country but Delhi is considered to be a hub for such organisations.

Delhi is one of the most prosperous cities in India. From both commercial and financial perspective, it is the heart and soul of the country. There is no wonder that the city is attracting entrepreneurs from every corner of the country to cache on the prospects and prosperity it offers. Amidst the scenario of industrial boom and buzz, what poses a problem for the businesses is scantiness of serviced offices in Delhi. Land problem is so acute in the city that it has contributed to the skyrocketing prices of commercial properties. In fact, Delhi is the second most expensive city in India after Mumbai and also finds a rank in the list of costliest cities in the world. Being the capital of this developing country and being a part of the largest democracy in the world, Delhi comprises of office spaces of almost all the major enterprises in the country. This kind of physical composition has left limited scope for expansion which is in turn, responsible for space constraint in the city. At present, Delhi is struggling hard to accommodate its surging population wave. Many people are migrating to the city to earn bread and butter and that is also adding to population bulge. All these are creating excessive demand for commercial property in the capital and making the space a more expensive asset for the city dwellers as well as those trying their luck in this metropolitan city.

Fast transport facilities are one of the reasons why Delhi is the most industrially developed city in India. However, you won’t experience the same standard in every nook and cranny of the city. Whenever you are looking for serviced office space in Delhi, check the important location factors like parking facility, available transport choices, closeness to major transport centres etc. These factors make a strong impact on purchase price or rent figure of a commercial property in the capital.

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