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Great Barrier Reef in Australia

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Queensland, northeast Australia's east coast, coral reefs are connected, this is the world's seven natural wonders of the Great Barrier Reef (Great Barrier Reef). The Great Barrier Reef's coral reefs from the 2900 independent rock group composition, called for the world's largest natural marine parks, coral aquarium. The Great Barrier Reef stretches from north to south, two thousand kilometers, dotted with tropical islands, beautiful scenery. Certainly, Aussie protect their treasure well and stop people to make coral jewelry illegally. Uncertain climate, beautiful coral, pristine reef, white sandy beaches, vibrant marine life and various activities attract many visitors to see the style.
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So you may not see many Australian wear coral necklace that much! You can Cairns (Cairns), Townsville (Townsville), Port Douglas (Port Douglas) and McKee (Mackay) and other cities take a luxury cruise to the Great Barrier Reef speed, there are marine naturalist on board to introduce you to the Great Barrier Reef, lets you know from the many marine organisms, like on a relaxed vivid biology class, so that you care more about them and cherish. After reaching the destination, you can sit pontoons, Great Barrier Reef Experience breathtaking views; sitting semi-submersible glass bottom boat, glass bottom boat viewing from the underwater world; Great Barrier Reef by helicopter aerial panorama; go on a guided nature on the island for stroll and explore the rainforest; diving at the Great Barrier Reef exploring the underwater world, with thousands of fish dance; Bibo swim in the bay, enjoy the sun and the beach.
Great Barrier Reef to the important position of oceanography is known, of course, for people who love the sea, the Great Barrier Reef is a place full of fantasy. Since ancient times, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia is on par with carnival tourist attraction, dumping a lot of tourists. So be aware of wearing and buying wholesale coral jewelry next time to Australia. People could be really sensitive about this.

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