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Masturbation Techniques to Avoid for Better Penis Health

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Every day, masturbation provides pleasure, comfort, relaxation and stress relief for millions of men. Even those with a steady partner may feel the need for the direct sensation of a little solo play, and for men who do not have an easy prospect in sight, a date with Rosie Palm is always a sure thing. However, despite the pleasure, not to mention the considerable health benefits, of a little innocent wanking, going about things the wrong way can lead to serious problems. The penis is a delicate tool, and using masturbation techniques that are too harsh or too risky can lead to loss of sensation, injury, and even loss of male function. Some of the potentially harmful approaches to self-pleasure are described here, as well as some therapeutic suggestions for penis care.

Masturbation techniques to avoid:

 1.   Pushing or thrusting while lying face-down – Younger men, and novices to the act in particular, may find that lying face-down and thrusting into a blanket, pillow, or other cushiony object is a good way to mimic having a real partner. Unfortunately, these materials lack a slippery surface, and constant rubbing against cloth can cause friction that can damage the skin and nerve cells. Even worse, a push from the wrong angle can cause the erectile tissue to rupture, leading to severe pain and injury that may require surgical correction.

 2.   The Death Grip – This particular condition is not medically recognized, but men who have the issue know when they have it. It occurs when the same technique is used time after time, because it feels good, and it just works. The problem is that after a period of time, the nerves become so accustomed to this that, first, they do not recognize any other type of pleasurable sensation; and second, even the tried-and-true may fail to work after a time, because the sensory nerves essentially get “bored” with the process. Experimenting with different types of touch can help men to avoid this problem.

 3.   Using household objects with narrow openings­ ­– Short and simple: while it can be  tempting to mimic the female anatomy with objects like bottles, knotholes, or other tube-like contraptions, men  should think ahead to the inevitable emergency room visit that will occur when things go wrong or get stuck.

 4.   Forgetting the lube­ – While men often look for a lube, not finding one around is not usually a deterrent once the proceedings have begun and a man is set on his course. However, failing to use a lubricant can lead to sore, chafed, swollen skin that is not pretty to look at and can cause considerable penis pain.

 5.   Using inappropriate materials as lubricants­ ­-­ On the other hand, using the wrong lube can also cause irritation and even allergic reactions, so it is best to stick with a fluid that is designed for the purpose.­

Penis therapy for every man

While chronic rough handling or sudden injury can certainly lead to penis pain and loss of feeling, there is no need to panic or to give up the pleasures of masturbation altogether. Some smart decisions about penis treatment can promote healing, and in many cases, lost penis sensation may be restored.

Caring for the penis involves the following:

  1. Cleaning properly – washing on a regular basis is necessary for overall penis health, and after a session in the closet, it is a good idea to clean away any lubes, lotions or other substances that might be left behind.
  2. Giving it a break – while the urge to grab on may rear its head several times a day, it is sometimes wise to ignore the call and allow the penile tissues to rest and heal up. Saving some for another day can give the tissues the time they need to repair themselves and return to normal function – and sensation.
  3. Applying a moisturizing, nourishing creme - penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) that is designed specifically for the tender skin of the manhood can be just what the doctor ordered (so to speak) in terms  of promoting penis health and preventing issues like red, raw skin, drying, itching, and even loss of sensation. Using a nutrient cream every day, after a shower, can replenish the nutrients and moisture lost to masturbation, rubbing against clothing, and the other daily wear and tear that the package is forced to endure.

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