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Senior Health Plan

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Seniors living in Illinois can make use of the facilities provided by the Senior Health Plan offered by the state to reduce their healthcare expenses. This facility will help seniors regain the benefits of Medicare as long as they qualify.

Seniors in Illinois who would like to learn more about the senior health plan can consult SHIP or Senior Health Insurance Program for free counseling on health insurance. Seniors who are over 65 years of age and meet the income limits are eligible for assistance in procuring prescription medication at lower cost. This is done through the Illinois Rx Buying Club that can cut down the costs of prescription medication by up to 25 percent. Given the high cost of prescription medication for seniors and their dependence on them to maintain their quality of life, this plan is of great help to many seniors.

The Senior Health Plan in Illinois is available to qualifying citizens as well as certain immigrants. These two groups of people can benefit from lower medical care costs by applying for healthcare assistance using SHIP.

Not-for-profit community healthcare providers in Illinois also help seniors obtain the healthcare they need at an affordable cost. The organization not only assigns a primary care provider for each senior to consult but a Coordinator of Community Services who can guide the seniors in obtaining low cost or free aid.

Apart from providing basic healthcare services for seniors, the community care program ensures that seniors are kept up-to-date about the latest developments and knowledge that can help them improve their quality of life. The preventative and educational modules of the community healthcare project in Illinois are vital aspects of the program that can help complement the Senior Health Plan to ensure that seniors are able to be active without incurring heavy medical costs.

Seniors in Illinois who are trying to keep medical costs under control can avail themselves of the twin aids of the Senior Health Plan and the community care program.

By taking preventive steps to reduce the ailments caused by old age and helping seniors obtain prescription medication at a lower cost, the Senior Health Plan ensures that seniors, blind adults, and persons with disabilities as well as their caregivers obtain the support needed to have a better quality of life.

While the high cost of healthcare and lower retirement benefits and funds have placed pressure on seniors, the Senior Health Plan ensures that they have a safety net to obtain much needed medication and healthcare at affordable prices.

By enrolling in the community care projects run by not-for-profit organizations and consulting with the SHIP counselors, seniors can take the decisions needed to conserve their cash for other necessities while still obtaining quality healthcare. The coordinated services and facilities provided ensure that seniors can obtain all the healthcare services they need – lab tests, doctor guidance, in-patient treatment, prescription medicines, emergency care, transport to hospital, home visits, hospice care, and education on health -- from a single source.


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