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The SINO Holdings Group, pioneer in Die Casting Mould

by Diecastingsolution

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Die casting is a procedure by which melted metal is actually forced by high pressure into mold or hollow structure. The actual near-liquid metal hardens to obtain the preferred shape. Recently, plastic material molded components have substituted it, because they are less expensive and lighter in weight than pass away cast components.


It is a common non-expendable method by which metals are molded into any desired shapes. It can be used repeatedly to create a number of dimensions, designs of different width and shapes. The actual molds managed with complex designs are enable to produce complicated shapes along with accurate measures, surface area and elegant finish. Die Casting Molds are two part forms that are associated half with alloy steel fixer and another half with alloy steel ejector. You will find four kinds of casting mold:

  • Single hollow structure to produce a single element.
  • Multiple hollow structures to produce a number of same structures.
  • Unit dies to produce multiple parts at one time.
  • Combination of dies to generate several parts for an assembly.

The actual molten metallic is shot in to the casting molds under pressure as well as high-speed, that assists with making a cast which is sleek and accurate since the initial mould. Stress is actually maintained within the mildew till the very hot metal melts. Once the metallic is solidified, the actual die is opened to get casted.


In the beginning to create Die Casting Molds low-pressure methods were used, but currently high-pressure casting techniques such as squeeze casting. In older times, just tin as well as lead were used to get casted with magnesium, copper mineral and along with other metals. It was an extremely demanding procedure.


In present day, advanced casting machines are utilized which ensures constant quality manage. Each and every machined die-casting varies within the technique by which melted metal is actually poured in to the cast cavity. Automations are more comfortable with use lubrication casting, put the metallic in to the slot provided, and so on it processes the very hot chamber and also the cold chamber techniques to bring casted mould.


  • It is an affordable process which one can use for any kind of variety of complicated applications.
  • Molded Components have larger product lifespan, dimensional precision and close tolerance.
  • Post machining could be completely removed from this process by using automation.
  • It is a process that can be made completely automatic with appropriate machineries.
  • Molds can be utilizing frequently and can be recycled too.


  • Casting Molds weight should be below 30 grams.
  • Casting should be less space-consuming and height should be below six hundred millimeter (24 inch).
  • High Start-up cost.
  • It is restricted to high-fluidity alloys.

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