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Comparison of Features of PHP and ASP.Net Web Hosting

Two of the most popular programming languages used in web hosting are PHP and ASP.Net and both have different features and advantages. In the following sections we will try to look at all the important advantages each of these hosting languages provide so that it becomes easy for you to make the right selection.

Features of PHP web hosting


1. Reduction in page load time and page size


When we open a page our computer downloads it and processes it. PHP is a language which uses server side scripting that means sever processes the available programming code on a page and then sends the page to you. The rest is that processing speed for pages improves and you have to download less data onto your machine even while browsing a large website.


2. Compatibility and database interaction


PHP is compatible with most operating systems such as Linux, Mac, Unix and Windows. Additionally, PHP can easily interact with most database systems like MySQL and many others. It is a software independent programming language and codes developed in PHP can be run on any kind of software platforms.


3. Troubleshooting errors and cost of hosting


It is quite easy to troubleshoot errors in the code, plus you do not require compilation of PHP scripts and with cookies stored on user’s computer, PHP scripting assists site owners make interaction with users a lot more personalized while they are browsing their website. Lastly, the cost of PHP hosting is much less as compared to other platforms since it is a free to use language and thus companies with less budget allocation for development of website are also able to use PHP hosting service.


Features of ASP.Net Web Hosting


1. Authentication and performance improvement


The advantage of hosting is that Windows authentication is already built into the system and hence applications that are developed are a lot more secure as well as safe. Different methods are used for improving performance ranging from things like just in time compilation and caching service to native optimization. Additionally, the framework has designer tools, controls which you simply have to drag and drop and automatic deployment.


2. Easy configuration and server side execution


Some of the other additional advantages of using hosting services include easy configuration of client authentication service, execution of source code on server side resulting in greater flexibility, with embedded configuration details it is not required to register the components. The server monitors the applications and all the components for memory leaks or illegal activities and if anything wrong is found then it is destroyed and a new one is started. ADO.Net makes it easy to perform data binding as well as page formatting operations with ability to handle large user volumes.


Thus we can see that PHP hosting as well as ASP.Net hosting have their own set of features and advantages. As a final user the decision to select one of the options largely depends upon your specific requirements and goals you want to achieve with your website.

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