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Great Options for Residential Roofing in Rahway, NJ

by gabriellejeromy

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Many areas in New Jersey—such as Carteret, a borough in Middlesex County, and Rahway, a city that's part of the New Jersey metro—are filled with an eclectic array of architectural styles. This is evident in architectural components like windows, roofs, and siding. In various neighborhoods, there are many interesting-looking homes that have various roofing styles.

Homeowners who are not satisfied with their existing roofs can opt for a roof replacement in accordance with their aesthetic preferences. There are actually a number of styles they can choose from, and this is something they can keep in mind when they have their own homes built in the future. When it comes to roofing for Rahway, NJ homeowners can consider such options as mansard, gambrel, gable, and hip roofing.

Mansard roofs consist of four slopes, with the lower slope steeper and more vertical than the upper slope. The upper slope is usually not visible from the ground. This roofing style is ideal for those who want additional living or storage space yet can be more expensive to construct because it involves a lot of structural details.

Gambrel roofs are similar to mansard roofs except for the fact that they have vertical gabled ends and that they hang over the facade of the house. Whereas mansard roofs are French in origin in terms of design, gambrel roofs are Dutch-inspired. Gambrel roofs are easy to frame and simple to build, resulting in lesser costs than other roofing styles.

Gable roofing for Carteret, NJ homes is another option worth considering. This roofing option is one of the most common and popular styles in the country. Gable roofs have two slopes that come together at the top to resemble the letter “A.” They have two roof surfaces (which are sometimes referred to as “roof fields”) that are generally rectangular and of the same size and pitch angle.

These are just a few of the many roof styles that exist today. Whatever your choice may be, it's critical to hire reliable professional roofers to install your new roof to gain optimum results. Visit the following website for more information,

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