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Molding Solutions For The Automobile Industry

by Chinaplasticmolding

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China Plastic Molding Technologies is a South East China based plastic molding company which provides one stop solution for a variety of problems. Over the past several years, The China Plastic Molding Technologies has gathered a lot of experiences and technologies in the field of plastic molding. Additionally, a lot of money has been invested to provide efficient and precise molds.

Plastic has replaced many other materials that are used in the manufacture of cars as it significantly reduces weight and is easily replaceable while also being reducing the fuel consumption. Additionally, plastic also has the property of flexibility which allows for more stylish and fluidic designs.

Automotive Parts Molding by China Plastic Moldings is of the highest standards and many automobile companies have had a long term association with this organization. This goes on to speak for itself in terms of the standards which are set by the company. The Automotive Parts Molding services offered by the company include product design and airflow analysis. By using plastic automotive products we can prevent the formation of welding marks, deformation.

Best Technology Used for Automotive Parts Molding

The measurements and dimension are of utmost importance in Automotive Parts Molding as the assembly would not be possible even in case of minor miscalculations. The best technology is used for accurate and precise molding along with shortening the manufacturing cycle. These factors have helped in providing the best molding solutions to our automotive customers.

Molding for Home Appliances

Dedicated project teams are maintained by China Plastic Molding Technologies specifically to design molds for home appliances. Home Appliance Moldings is an important division of the company and is one of the most productive departments. High quality plastic equipment can be provided for home appliances by the China Plastic Molding Technologies. There is also a growing demand for Home Appliance Moldings by this company overseas.

Everything from the designing to the preparation of the molds can be achieved by China Plastic Molding. Computer simulation is used on the molds to predict their accuracy and exactness which helps in getting a clear picture and also reduces the margin for error in Home Appliance Moldings.

Structure of Home Appliance Molds

The steel is selected according to the material of plastic. The mold base is prepared according to the company standards and ensures quality control. The steel is selected keeping in mind its thermal conductivity, hardness and decay resistance as these properties make it easier for polishing it after delivery.

Cooling Design                     

Keeping in view the uniformity of the mold, the cooling effect is an important aspect of Home Appliance Moldings. The cooling of important parts like the core is controlled by inserting slides and tubes. The molds use recycled water to ensure that the cooling time is reduced.


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