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Why You Need Proper Ventilation for Greensboro Roofing

by antoniajohnston

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The foundation is one of the most critical components of any structure. However, it can only last for so long if nothing's there to protect it from the elements. No wonder building contractors agree with what the best Greensboro roofing contractors already know: the roof is the most important aspect of your home.

When building a new roof, it's wise to take North Carolina's humid subtropical climate into consideration. It means you need to design a roof that's properly ventilated. When a roof doesn't have proper ventilation, it will allow moisture to form and gather inside, inflicting damage to the roof deck. Not only that, a poorly ventilated roof poses a health risk to your family since it promotes the growth of mold.

Proper ventilation of the roof and attic achieves four important functions in a home: make the attic cooler, reduce fire risk, improve energy efficiency, and prevent the accumulation of moisture on the roof deck interior. The industry standard for roof ventilation is to provide a square foot of intake and exhaust ventilation for every 300 square feet of attic space. If the area is insulated with a vapor barrier, the requirement is doubled.

Ridge and soffit vents are commonly used to ventilate the roof and attic. Ridge vents are located along the ridge line of the roof, primarily used for the outflow of moisture, heat, and stale air. Soffit vents, on the other hand, are placed at the lower extremes of a roof assembly to provide intake ventilation.

Without these modes of ventilation, moisture will rise with the hot air and form on the underside of the roof deck. Over time, this condensation will slowly rot the wood. Aside from damaging your roof's wood structure, moisture can also introduce mold spores in the air. If the problem isn't addressed immediately, the result will be the destruction of your roof deck and the permeation of unhealthy air inside the house.

As homes all over the U.S. become increasingly airtight, the importance of proper roof ventilation can never be stressed enough. Make sure to take time to do your research and understand your home's ventilation needs, then find out how to best meet those needs. Reliable Raleigh NC roofing contractors will be of great help to you in this regard. To help you find a good roofing contractor, visit

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