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USB Keylogger-easy way to keep track of tasks done

by anonymous

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USB Keylogger is one of the types of hardware keyloggers. Given the rise in number of cyber crimes and inappropriate activities that take place on the computer, keyloggers are gaining popularity day by day.

These inappropriate activities include playing games or surfing on the internet by employees while at work. This adds to the cost of the company as well as makes the employees lazy and less productive. Apart from this, instances have occurred where employees have taken useful and confidential documents home which are prohibited to be taken home. Some employees also indulge in activities like passing on confidential documents to competitors. Furthermore, some employees also tend to do their personal work during office hours which again is undesirable from the company’s perspective. When the employees know that their activities are being monitored, they would tend to be more efficient and productive as the chances of appraisal linked with employee performance increase when performance can be measured to this extent.

Not only all this, given the frequency of unforeseen power failures or system shut down that take place every now and then, it is in the best interest of the company to maintain backup of all the computing activities that take place in the company. Important records such as company’s internal documents as well as those sent to clients, suppliers as well as other business chain partners should be easily retrievable in case of power or system failure.

As for domestic use, keyloggers come in very handy. Given the easy accessibility of computer and internet, children are able to gain all the knowledge and information that is required by them. However, at times, especially when both parents are working and are not able to keep a track of activities that their children do on the computer, it is important to have a device installed in the computer that does this job on the behalf of parents. In this way, kids would not be playing computer games when they are forbidden to. Teenage children would not indulge in undesirable activities like chatting and doing video conferencing with strangers. Another serious problem for parents these days is teenage children watching porn videos. This problem also needs to be solved. Sometimes, children also take their parents’ credit card number and try to do online shopping of their interests. They, being naïve, are prone to becoming victim of any cyber crime which could even lead to serious problems such as kidnapping or theft. Such cases have been reported where children have caused such troubles for parents.

Apart from this, some people make use of keyloggers to keep a track of their spouse. Pictures, videos, emails and any other stuff exchanged can be viewed. Any inappropriate activity can be seen and stopped before the situation gets worse.

For all these purposes, usb keylogger come in very handy. They are easy to install as one just needs to plug it in the USB port and benefit from it in countless ways as mentioned.

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