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Reasons On Why Social Trading Is More Popular Nowadays

by patrickhaynes

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Following in the footsteps of past leaders is considered a wise move. The Financial market is in no way different.. Amongst the elite and widespread community of traders there stand the idols of the financial world whom we all wish to emulate. What if there was a platform that enabled you to learn how the market leaders go about their business? What if you could not only follow but also copy the trades being executed by multiple successful investors? Welcome to the world of social trading that has made it possible for novices to learn from the masters themselves. It is a network of traders from around the world who are willing to share their expertise with their brethren.

There are platforms that offer traders access to connect with their kinds, see their performance, analyze it and then make a decision as to whether or not to mirror their strategies. By mirroring them, your success becomes tied to their decisions rather than rapidly fluctuating market conditions. It also depends upon the kind of social trading network and the trading platform chosen. You must follow those who have a conservative approach when it comes to money management. It is recommended to follow those who are risking 1-5 percent of their account per trade rather than a significant share. There are trading platforms which allow traders unrestricted investment i.e. to invest as much as you desire. However, this is something which only a seasoned veteran can take full advantage of.

The reason social trading’s increased popularity is the amount of valuable information on offer that otherwise is hard to obtain. You may know someone who is a successful trader, but he/she may or may not be willing to share their trade secrets. By providing a stage where traders – beginners and leaders – can converge and help each other attain personal goals, social trading has proved to be an instant success.

Also, do not think that just because you can mirror the trades of others, doesn't mean you're going to be a sure-shot success. It is dependent upon the kind of traders you wish to follow. A platform offering such services gives you the option to either automatically mirror all the trades of selected strategies or copy some after careful analysis. In fact, this particular mode of trading can be considered as a learning curve. You follow some, gain or suffer some losses, learn from them and prepare yourself for the future when you in fact pull the trigger and trade based on your own subjective view point of the market.. A word of advice – it never pays to follow someone blindly. Use common sense and ask your financial adviser before venturing out.

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