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Free Ringtone Downloads – A Few Facts You Didn’t Know

by Aninda

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The evolution in cellular phones technology is remarkable, the mobile phone has transformed from a simple communication gadget to a full entertainment package. Mobile phone technology is advancing form day to day making the cellular phone a basic need. It has become part of our lives not only for communicating but also for business, education and entertainment. Due to this we tend to personalize our phones to reflect who we are and what we like.

You can easily tell of someone’s personality simply by looking at his phone that is the wallpaper, music stored and the ringtones as well. We all set ringtones according to our types of music and on average we change these ringtones about twice a month. Free ringtone downloads has greatly contributed to this but there are a few facts you need to know before downloading freebies available online or through your mobile phone.

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These facts are


Free ringtones are available online the copyright periods have finished. They are actually available for free only for promotional purposes and most free tones will expire after some time or you will be asked to purchase a full version.

There are many online sites that offer free ringtones downloads straight to your cellular phones. Some of these companies might be issuing out pirated version of the tones and this means they are illegal. You should be careful of such companies when downloading freebies.


Ways of downloading free ringtones are many; you can download directly form a link sent on your phone as a text message or directly through the WAP. Like any other cellular download (wallpaper, theme, screen saver) ringtones can infect your mobile phone with virusesthat can gain access to the phone and cause damages.


Free ringtones are mostly made available for teenagers who look to have the latest songs and tones available. There are rapid downloads everyday round the globe. It is not bad to get yourself a free ringtone although it is highly advised to go through the terms and conditions first before use.

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