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Plastic Business Card, And the Riot of Creativity

by anonymous

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You are a next generation lead if you have long moved on from the drab paper business card and have switched to the super sporty and snazzy plastic business cards. The thick paper cards are for the ‘Dads’. We are way ahead of the myth that “substance needs no look“. Now substance, a tad more or less, is immaterial, what matters is the attitude coupled with the confidence to get the job done. 

The Ideas

This ‘any extent’ generation leaves no stone unturned to get noticed. And there is no better way to grab eye balls that to adopt something out of the box. In other words experimentation is the key to success. The eternal tryst between thoughts and material lends mass to some of the several articulations of thought. Creative Business Cards is an insignificant thread from the pool.

The best quality paper cards get soiled and creased at the corners after some time even when carefully preserved in albums. So what if the paper part is replaced by some other inexpensive yet sustainable material? Plastics for instance would make a great substrate and substitute of paper. What if another freak decides to pack in his entire resume inside the business card, so as to serve a dual purpose? Very well turn your plastic business card into a CD case for a disc of the same size. This device can easily house data between 35MB to 100MB.

The Realisation

Some of the alarmingly unconventional ones are listed:

This super flexible and stretchable card with a striking likeness of a fine slice of cheese with a muddle of letters makes a fine example. You have to stretch this strip to get the letters forming the name and designation printed on it. This turned out to be a physical trainer. Another card bore the cut out of the individual along with name and designation. A photographer’s card looked like a view finder.

Premium Business cards

Premium business cards these days include translucent variety plastic strips of plastics carrying your details in bold blocks. Others may have more earthly undertones to them suggesting what businesses they are in. More of physicality is induced in the Premium Business Cards of the day. Style in the making of a business card is the name of the game. Creative business cards are an unending variety of artistry which extends to eccentricity, form which can easily be connected to. This is something readily identifiable, something raw and devoid of the phony sheathing of being ‘corporate’.

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