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Dressing for Love - 5 Things That Your Shirt Says to Her

by anonymous

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There is no better time than summer for love, and if your summer romance is hot and heavy this may be the best time to think about what the object of your affection sees when she looks at you. While you may be content with your shirts if they are just in good condition and still fit, women are more sensitive to fashion choices than men and notice things that men overlook. There is a lot that you say to her about your relationship just by your choice of shirt. Here are five things that you may tell her with your clothing choices.

1. I am excited to see you

This is what you want to say, but have to play it cool. If you are wearing a new shirt in the latest style you are letting her know that you want to make a good impression on her. Good shirts that make this impression include designer shirts and dress shirts, putting forth the best possible image. Sometimes dressing like you are going to a job interview is the only way to make her feel as special as you think she is.

2. I am comfortable with things the way that they are

Sometimes you just want to be comfortable, and hope that she shares the same level of comfort. To give this impression you may wear a very casual shirt, like polo or a summer shirt. You may not give much mind to the fashion or the color, and if may be something you had in the back of your closet for a while. This may be the way you feel, but you may not be pleased with the results of her inferring that you feel this way.

3. I really need a change

This is when you change your style of shirt drastically, not only letting her know that things are changing with you but that potentially things need to change in the relationship. If you have always worn crew necks but now wear a double collared shirt, this may be an indicator to her that you may soon change more than just your shirt.

4. I am not that serious about you

This is something that may be true, or you may just put that out there subconsciously. If you constantly resist fashion trends or wear clothes in purposefully silly color palettes you may be telling her that your clothes are not all that you are not serious about.

5. You are the love of my life

This is the hardest thing to say, and may only be able to be communicated non verbally. If you care for your appearance, dropping the extra coin for new Italian shirt that is as beautiful to look at as it is to touch; you may allow what she can see to speak a thousand words.


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