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Dog Training

by anonymous

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For my whole life, I wanted one thing more than anything - a dog. Since my mother was allergic to them, I couldn't get one when I was a kid. But once I moved out on my own and it was an option, I took advantage of it..

It should come as no surprise that I named my puppy the same name that I had always wanted since I was a child. He is a strong looking Boxer. But everything isn't all rosy - this puppy has been trouble since the day I got it.

I have been training the puppy by myself with the help of a Coastal Pet Products dog training collar . A good friend of mine suggested that a pink dog collar would work, but there is no way that would happen. I need to train the puppy, not cottle it.

I'll let you know how I make out in a future post. It will be easier to love the puppy if there are less problems.


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