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Unusual tips to finding sexy high heels sandals!

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Never underestimate feet problems. They can lead to serious conditions such as nerve disorder or arthritis. When this happen, you can cry in front of the catalogue in bridal sandals online and say goodbye. Never meant to be scary, but these unique tips can save you from the tragedy!


Give space to your feet

As you try on new shoes, make sure your longest toe still have space to ‘stretch’ when it feels tired. Bigger space makes your feet move better instead of being trapped and tied down. Pointy shoes are a big no for long walk. But if your work requires you to sit a lot than to walk a lot, then pointy shoes are great to go.


Style is number #2

Yes, it is. Remember how many times you put your feet at risk of those red sole shoes, but it ended up looking dusty, resting in your closet? Style is not the only element someone should consider when buying shoes. There are lots of online catalogues that sell the same colors with different types. Why choose style when you feel miserable wearing them? It doesn’t worth when compared to your health.

As you adore a pair of discount sandals, there is no need of a rush. Just like Pink said, “Gotta get up and try and try and try!”


Flexibility counts

Your sexy high heels sandals have to be really really comfortable and flexible. If you find it too hard to bend your fingers, then toss them away! Plus, shoes material has to be soft to avoid irritations. Experts said that high heels sandals are not meant for a whole day walk. But if you have to, choose wisely so you won’t regret it.


Walk around


Try shoes when you have already been walking for hours

This is probably the rarest tips on earth. In fact, this is the most appropriate one. You see, when you have been walking for hours, your feet gets bigger. This is the right time to try on some new shoes and see if they can still fit perfectly because that is the real size of your feet.


Take it off

When you are not walking, have a seat and take the shoes off our feet. Let your fingers dance to the beat. It helps the blood circulation.


Foot care helps a lot!

Thanks to those beauty shops! Although foot care seems to be less famous than au de perfume, they produce it for something though.Always take good care of your feet when you are not wearing anything for them. Apply foot cream at night and after shower and give a little massage to let the blood circulate well.

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