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Design and decoration take up most of the attention of homeowners after they have bought their dream home. They spend days thinking of different ideas, decorative materials, designs and other things. They want their house to look just perfect, as they imagined it to be and for that a lot of time and energy is spent in getting every corner of the house right. While designing a lot of problems or rather challenges are thrown at designers or homeowners such as color combination, furniture design, the theme of the interiors and many such things. Among the places in a home that require much attention are the walls.

Walls offer a lot of opportunities for decorating and designing the home around a particular theme or no theme at all. Though there are many ways in which you can design your walls, one way which has been used from the medieval ages and is still popular is wall paneling. Wall paneling is a decorative treatment for the walls consisting of different materials which are framed together to create a panel type form. Wall paneling has been around for a long time, first being used with the purpose of insulating one’s room and protect the home from harsh weather conditions.

The paneling can have its history traced back to the Gothic age where it was extensively used for its richness and warmth; it was then used in the Elizabethan and Tudor with intricate carvings and in a very simple form during the renaissance. In the twenty-first century wall paneling has re-invented itself, a large artwork or an entire wall can be used to make the desired statement of choice. There is a lot of flexibility available now with buyers as they can be as creative as they want with respect to the design and shape. There panels which are easy to install, maintain, environmentally friendly and affordable.

These panels are available in variety of colors, shapes and sizes being able to cater to diverse tastes. They can be totally part of the room and some panels have the resistant to be exposed to heat and moisture for a long time. Wall paneling material have their basic function in providing warmth, heating, insulation and good protection from the exterior weather. Today, panels are made up of different types of materials compared to teak and oak of the twentieth century. You must do proper research before buying your own wall panel in case of any wall partitions.

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