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Take strategically decisions for your company with supply ch

by liyo89

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Companieshave to become competitive at all their processes such as Metal, Chemical, FMCG, Automotive, Food & Drink, Electronic & High technology, Pharmacy industries. These companies manage their enterprise with methodology of Supply chain management. Supply chain planning and optimization is the one of important component of supply chain management. To use effective Supply planning and optimization tools is become important to make correct decisions with help of new technologies. SAP APO Master Data is the supply chain planning software tool to help get strategically and detail decisions of companies. SNP optimizer is the one the module that is focus on optimization of supply chain planning.

Some examples that SNP optimizer help companies to take following decisions:

  • Make a production plan at optimal plant from alternative plants

  • Make a plan on optimal work center at plant

  • Make a most profitable transportation plan from alternative transportation options

  • Make a cheapest procurement plan from alternative procurements

  • Make a stock with lower volume and correct location

SNP optimizer considers constraints of planning during taking planning decisions. Costs used to take planning decision at SNP optimizer. Costs are very important to get desired SNP result. Customers can able to use cost what they need. For example production cost effects the production plan. If procurement cost used, procurement plan effected from procurement cost but production and procurement plan is made consideration of both of costs. Costs are used for customer based on their supply chain model. Customers need reports of costs of optimizer that is related to their plan. There are tools to provide this report in optimizer. This tool helps you on following technical issues:

  • Transparency of SNP optimizer


  • Cost and material relation


  • Effects of cost to your plan at planning horizon


All companies make a plan based on their supply chain planning and optimization needs but technology changed time to time. We provide Supply Chain Management Solution and planning tools that are very suitable for the companies which are decided to use integrated system such as SAP. Demand and Supply Planning with SAP APO is a very user-friendly which includes statistical forecasting and life cycle and promotion planning, to deliver a reliable sales forecast.

Our tools work with SAP technology but we can provide integration with other systems based on customer demands. SAP Software Solutions and Tools are developed based on supply chain planning methodology so it is adaptable to use with different systems and technologies. Our Supply Chain Management Consulting will be effective for our customers and helps in developing business.

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