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Big Breakfast Secret Key To Acne Relief

by jeassonlens

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Adelaide, SA, () August 3, 2013

It is estimated that up to 80% of women who suffer from acne have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).[1] Once the domain of teens, this potentially painful and embarrassing problem is on the rise. Google trends also shows an increase in searches for terms like ‘acne treatment’ and ‘acne remedies’.

Millions of women with PCOS struggle with high testosterone, low Sex Hormone Binding Globule (SHBG) and insulin resistance, which can cause acne. These women spend 1,000s of dollars each year to pharmacologically tackle this skin issue in the hope of becoming blemish free. Recent research shows there might be a cheaper, more effective and safer way.

Authors Daniela Jakubowicz et al, in a recently published study in the Journal Of Clinical Science, discovered a startling fact about meal timing and level of the female acne-causing hormone, testosterone, in this subgroup of women. Their research focused not on number of calories (daily intakes were isocaloric), or macronutrient percentages, but on what time meals were consumed.

When breakfast formed the largest meal of the day, followed by consecutively smaller meals, there was a significant reduction in testosterone levels, when compared to when the largest meal is consumed in the evening.

“In the (breakfast) group, free testosterone decreased by 50% and SHBG increased by 105%,” revealed this important report. Improved insulin sensitivity and reduced cytochrome P450c17α activity ameliorated hyperandrogenism.

Dr. Rebecca Harwin, international author of ‘Conquer Your PCOS Naturally’ and founder of ‘The PCOS Clinic’, says “It can be devastating for a woman with PCOS who is struggling with acne. The great news is there are many, simple and inexpensive ways to naturally reduce high ‘male hormone’ levels, and improve skin health and clarity.” I have observed positive skin changes in my patients, women like Tennille Brownsey, from Queensland. Tennille revealed, her “acne cleared up, and my facial hair is not as bad.”

Where can women struggling with acne find out more? Due to the popularity of her printed book, Dr. Harwin has just launched the Kindle version of ‘Conquer Your PCOS Naturally’, and for just $3.97. Why so inexpensive? To raise awareness of this common, potentially devastating female syndrome. Simply visit or now.

“I’m excited to share this potent and life changing information with as many women with PCOS as I can. And I’d appreciate your help in spreading the word,” says Dr. Harwin.

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Dr. Rebecca Harwin, International Author, PCOS expert and speaker, and founder of ‘The PCOS Clinic’ is a highly effective health professional. She is enthusiastic about empowering and equipping women to experience health, vitality and a PCOS-free life.

[1] Balen AH, ‘Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome: a Guide to Clinical Management’, Taylor & Francis,

2005, p187

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