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How Is Mobile Device Management Useful For Organizations

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Today corporate employees are increasingly seeking to use their handheld devices on their organization’s network, which has made the security of organizations vulnerable to be breached. This has raised the necessity for managing the mobile devices by the organizations.

Mobile device management

It is software that is deployed by organizations to monitor and manage their employees’ mobile set such as smart phones, tablets etc. It acts as an end-to-end security solution, wherein the mobile applications and data, along with the network used by the mobile devices are administered by the IT department of an organization.

Why mobile device management is necessary

The object behind mobile device management is to secure the corporate data of organizations from unethical and unwanted use, and to maintain the desired level of security across their various departments. Mobile Device Security isimportant to protect corporate data in IT environment. By going for mobile security solutions, organizations can also save their cost.

How mobile device management software works

It controls and protects the data and configuration settings for all mobile hand set in a network, and thus reduces the business risks.


The benefits of mobile device management

Protects security: It can be used on both personal and office owned devices. It addresses the security concern of a network. The best part of it is that implementing it doesn’t mean more work. For instance, a lost device’s data can be wiped over the air to restrict its unauthorized use or a probable data loss. Users can also remotely lock their devices in such cases. This process can be further made strong by enforcing a password policy.

Manages mobile apps: It also manages mobile apps by allowing you to block and remove apps that are dangerous in any way. This helps in maintaining productivity and improving security.

Automation: With it,small task like software up gradation etc. can be automated, thus reducing the amount of work to be done and also the need to have a larger workforce.

Easy operation: Not just one but many administrators can manage a device and its associated activities, such as sms sent or received, calls made or received and data exchanged.

The management of mobile equipments such as iPhones, iPads etc. are increasingly being recognized by corporations to protect and secure their sensitive data. Choose the one that suits you best in terms of usability and security, besides being able to work across multiple platforms.

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